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Find ideas and inspiration on how to save money on your wedding today!

Are you looking for budget wedding ideas? The Wedding industry is getting bigger each day. Still, there are a lot of budget wedding ideas that can be found in magazines and the internet. Planning a wedding is tough, especially when you do not have an enormous wedding budget. 


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Budget Wedding Ideas Inspirational Board

There are many different ways you can save money on your wedding. Today we will talk about a few places you can trim costs.

Pretty wedding reception tables

Budget Wedding Ideas - Wedding Parties

Leading up to the wedding there are many different parties you can have. You can have an engagement party, a bridal party, a couple's bridal party, a bachelorette party, and a stag. You can throw a rehearsal dinner, do wedding party luncheons, and more. Some of those parties may be paid for by others, but this is not always the case. If you are trying to trim some money off your budget, you might consider having fewer parties.

Budget Wedding Ideas - Wedding Stationery

Most people will send wedding invitations to their guests. Other wedding stationery choices include save-the-date cards, engagement announcements, engagement party invitations, bridal or couple shower invitations, stag and bachelorette party invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, and wedding announcements. You can also have unique stationery printed for the wedding, like the wedding menu and wedding programs. That is a lot of choices!

Cutting out some of the wedding stationery and using cheaper alternatives on other stationery would undoubtedly save you a lot of money.

Budget Wedding Ideas - Wedding Guests

How big your wedding is and exactly who you invite is always a tough one. Are you having 30 people attend or 300? Who does your guest list comprise of? Are there people, a lot of people, you are inviting out of obligation? 

Cutting a guest list can be difficult, but if you trim it down, you can save substantial money here. The wedding reception, usually priced per head, is where a large chunk of the money goes when planning a wedding.

Budget Wedding Ideas - Wedding Apparel

For the wedding, a bride needs something to wear, shoes, and accessories. The groom needs to do the same. However, there are many different ways to cut costs here. First, you should consider your wedding dress and how much you plan to spend. Can you spend less? You can save a lot of money by shopping online or comparing prices.

You could also look into second-hand wedding gowns or even a rental. The same goes for jewelry and other accessories. How much do you need to spend on each piece of jewelry, the shoes, or head and hair accessories?

Many grooms prefer to rent a tuxedo instead of investing in a new one. If this is a possibility where you live, and you do not mind renting instead of buying, you can also save money here. 

Budget Wedding Ideas - Wedding Flowers

There are many ways you can cut costs with your wedding flowers. The first thing we would suggest is to use silk or artificial flowers. If you do not use fresh flowers, you can save a lot of money here. The other bonus is that since you do not need the flowers to be in season, you can choose any type of flowers in any shade you want!

Budget Wedding Ideas - Pink and Yellow Rose Bouquets
Budget Wedding Ideas - Pink and Yellow Rose Tall Floral Centerpieces
Budget Wedding Ideas - Floral Wedding Centerpieces and Decorations
Budget Wedding Ideas - Floral Wedding Centerpieces and Decorations

If you want to save money but you are not really interested in artificial flowers, you can just make little price comparisons between all the available florists in your area. Make sure you have an idea of your floral needs, including the number of arrangements, bouquets, etc., and any specific flowers or colors you need.

Use the internet. There are many online florists and flower delivery services. Some of them even either specialize in weddings or have a separate wedding department or section of the website.

Budget Wedding Ideas - Wedding Decorations

First, you should consider the location you are using and see if there is anything you can easily do to decorate. For instance, if you are having an outdoor ceremony, you may already have a great view and plenty of trees and flowers. The location might lead to easy decorations to just accentuate the look and feel of your wedding.

Use cheap items for a large effect, such as string lighting, backdrops, and balloons. You can get all these things for a small amount of cash. Still, they can make the difference between a lovely-looking wedding and an incredible one if used correctly!

Pink and White Wedding Decorations
Cream and White Wedding Decorations
Pink and White Wedding Decorations
Pink and Red Wedding Decorations

Use items for more than one thing. For instance – instead of typical floral centerpieces – use food as the centerpiece. Have individual snacks or dessert selections at each table. 

Use items you can get anywhere. Invest in mason jars, candles, silk flowers, pebbles, or seashells. You can make stunning centerpieces or decorations out of all these things, especially when combined and placed artfully.

Budget Wedding Ideas - Wedding Ceremony

Choose a site that can double as the ceremony and the reception site. This will allow you to save on fees for each location, and you can usually pay one for one site than you would for two!

If you do not have your heart set on one place, shop around. See what different wedding ceremony locations have to offer. Do they have different packages? Does one cost $100.00 more for the basics, but the officiant and music are included. In contrast, the other one charges separately for each item? Ask questions and find out exactly what you are paying for.

Pink and White Wedding Ceremony
Blush and White Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Green and Red Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Blue and White Wedding Ceremony

Choose your wedding date and even day of the week based on cost. Some places charge a flat fee with no exceptions. However, many places have different rates for different seasons and days of the week based on supply and demand. Your preferred ceremony site might be packed from May – September. Still, maybe they do not book it every weekend the rest of the year, and because of that, they have lower prices or offer better packages. It never hurts to ask.

Budget Wedding Ideas - Wedding Reception

Forego the wedding hall and have a backyard wedding reception. An outdoor wedding can be more personal and cheaper if done correctly. Take some time to crunch the numbers. Compare everything you would spend at a wedding hall and how you could save some money doing it yourself. 

Starry Sky Beautiful Wedding reception
Black and Pink Wedding Reception
Nighttime Wedding Reception Photos
Pink and White Wedding Reception

Reuse the wedding ceremony flowers and decorations at the reception. There is no need to get all the new flowers and decorations. When deciding how to decorate both places, make sure you choose items that can be reused in some way.

Consider becoming a DIY bride. Yes, you can buy everything new and put it together for ease and speed. However, there are certainly some places you can do the do-it-yourself route. You can make decorations, create your own bouquets, and much more. Think about what you want your wedding to look like and consider how you can do some of those things yourself. 

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