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White Wedding Cakes

White wedding cakes are traditional. Brides who are planning to have a very elegant wedding or one which is very traditional should consider using white wedding cakes.

Just because the frosting is white does not mean you can not add color to your wedding cake. These white cakes can still be modernized. Here are some ways to make them more modern.

White Wedding Cakes - White wedding cake with snowflakes, perfect for a winter wedding or a holiday wedding.

Decorate With Flowers

To add some extra color you can add flowers to your wedding cake. Flowers can make wedding cakes look more sophisticated. The flowers you use can range in colors from whites and blush (but different shades than the frosting itself) to just about any color you want. If you have certain wedding colors or a wedding theme you would want to match the flowers to those colors.

white wedding cakes - white wedding cakes with flowers, pink daisies on this cake help it stand out at the cake table, it is more than a traditional wedding cake

white wedding cakes - this white wedding cake stands out by being decorated with stunning cascading flowers.

Add Design Elements With Fondant

You can use fondant to add design elements to any wedding cake, especially traditional wedding cakes. You can add flowers, scroll lines, hearts, stars, monograms and other shapes and design elements like stripes and dots to liven up your wedding cake.

Pink Cake Box Cake

Pink Cake Box Cake

Add Some Color

Just because you are having a white cake that does not mean you can not have any color besides white. The modernized white wedding cake is primary white but has other colors as well. Here are some nice examples of that type of wedding cake.

white wedding cake with blue and green. This cake adds just enough color to this otherwise traditional tiered wedding cake.

white wedding cakes - this white and blue wedding cake is stunning, there is just enough color to make it stand out at your wedding.

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