Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes are the new trend in wedding cakes. If you are looking to shake up wedding traditions consider having cupcakes instead of a cake. 

Serving cupcakes makes sense for many reasons. The cost of cupcakes is considerably less than a wedding cake. They are easy to prepare. You can prepare them weeks ahead of time, store them in an airtight container and freeze them into needed. Of course you can still employ a baker, but the cost will still be less. 

Cupcakes can be made in many different flavors to accommodate all of your guests. The wedding cupcakes can be decorated in numerous ways, with different colors and colors and styles to make a fantastic visual display. You can stick with your wedding colors to have the cupcake display carry colors to have the cupcake display carry theme to the display table. You could have the cupcakes decorated with a number of different things including fondant cut outs, fondant shapes, edible flower petals, edible gold leaf, sprinkles, chocolates, sugar, gum paste flowers or gum paste cut outs. 

You can also use decorative wrappers to hold the cupcakes in. Decorative papers will hold your cupcakes and be yet another beautiful thing for your guests to enjoy. Putting the cupcakes in decorative papers allows you to exercise function while also accomplishing beauty. 

How do you display all the cupcakes at the reception? Well there are many ways. One of the most popular in have a “wedding cake” table for the wedding cupcakes and using a cupcake tower or tree. The cupcake tree will hold all the cupcakes in place to be a beautiful display. Another way is a tiered cupcake stand. They are made to make the cupcakes look like a wedding cake, using the same size and shape of a cake allowing you to display the wedding cupcakes in such a way that it still looks very similar to a wedding cake. 

Don’t forget to get cupcake boxes to send home with the guests and a keepsake box, so you can freeze some cupcakes to enjoy on your first anniversary, just as you would with the top layer of the cake. 

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