Fall Wedding Cake Designs

Find Ideas For Autumn Wedding Cakes

Are you searching for fall wedding cake designs? If you are getting married in the fall it is certainly understandable that you would want your wedding cake to match the season. Keep reading for more ideas on autumn wedding cakes. 

Fall Wedding Cake Designs - Using Flowers

Autumn wedding cakes come in all types of designs. If you are looking to decorate your cake with flowers, the above may be a great example of the perfect fall wedding cake. This cake is still pretty traditional, sticking to the main color of white, but it is beautified by adding flowers on each layer, including neutral colored blooms that will certainly add to the theme of your wedding

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Fall Wedding Cake Designs - Using Leaves

What do you think about autumn wedding cakes that use leaves in the overall design of the cake? Leaves are probably the number one symbol or design you think of when you think about fall. Why not use them in your big day? You can use leaves on your cake and throughout your wedding day for that matter. 

If you are interested in using leaves throughout your day there are many places you can easily do it. Leaves can be used on your wedding stationery, on your wedding favors or even in your wedding jewelry. You can use them as wedding decorations or in wedding centerpieces. Of course using them on the wedding cake itself will create a statement, but if you would rather not use them on the cake you can use them around the cake. You can scatter them artistically on the cake table or surround the cake with a decorative circle of leaves. You can easily turn plain or traditional wedding cakes into autumn wedding cakes by adding decorations near the cake! 

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Fall Wedding Cake Designs - Using Mini Pumpkins

Pumpkins are certainly a sign or the season, so if you are looking to make a bolder statement, why not use them with your cake? Your autumn wedding cakes can be bold like the one you see above or you could choose to implement the pumpkin design in a more subtle way. You could use a pumpkin cake topper (a small designinstead of the real thing), or you can ask your baker about what pumpkin designs they can place on the cake. 

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Fall Wedding Cake Designs - The Colors of the Season

Many brides and grooms are searching for autumn wedding cakes, but which cake is right for you? If you only want to highlight the colors of the season instead of using obvious themes, the above cake may be just what you are looking for. It is a beautiful wedding cake in a light orange color loaded with daisies. It is season appropriate and beautiful. What more can you ask for? Of course you can use any autumn wedding colors but we think the best are red, brown, yellow and orange. Fall wedding cake designs can simply be highlighting the beautiful colors of the season! 

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