How To Use Bridal Arches 

Great Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Arch

If you're planning an outside wedding like a garden wedding or a beach wedding, bridal arches should be included on your wedding decorations list; you can also use this in an indoor wedding as a backdrop or an entrance. A wedding arch is a simple decoration and yet it can be grand if decorated stylishly and place in the proper position. 

It would be romantic exchanging vows underneath a wedding arch; like in a fairy tale wedding you're dreaming of. Aside from that, bridal arches can be used as a natural frame for your pictures; it would be fantastic to see your wedding pictures with elegant decorations. 

Bridal Arches, pink floral wedding aisle, beach wedding arches

Bridal arches can be set up to add beauty to your wedding whether it is indoors or garden type. You can also have your choice between using several arches or just one. You can have only one arch if you're planning to decorate only the area where you are taking your vows, use several arches if you like to cover the whole place; you should have a great idea what would be the perfect arrangement for those bridal arches. An arch passageway starting from the venue of the wedding to the reception hall or place would be a great idea. 

You can hire bridal arches from wedding specialty shops but one downside is that you cannot customize them to fit on what you have exactly in mind. But more so, you can just give your rented arches with decorative materials such as bows and flowers. Themed decorative accessories are also available in craft or wedding shops. These adornments will add a personal touch to an otherwise ready-made arch.

bridal arches, wedding arches, white bridal arches, outdoor wedding arches

Bridal arches can be of several types; these include full-floral, classic design, beach and surf theme, tropical style, or wood detailed. Indoor weddings can include air filled arches; these are so in demand right now.

If you want a traditional wedding arch to be erected in your wedding day, go for the flower themed tones. Flowers are the most accepted arch decorations. This can be a good addition to the theme; you can match the flowers adorning the arches to your flower bouquet. Another popular design is the wood themed wedding arch. You can have them intertwined with ferns. Have vines running down the side posts; a grapevine will be good. You can even hang apples and other decorative fruits, to add liveliness and color. Add any natural decors on this theme, except flowers. 

If you want something bigger and colorful, you can craft balloon themed bridal arches. It is less pricey than floral arrangement and can offer a lively atmosphere. You can have it in different colors or just a plain single color balloons. If you're going to have this kind of decoration, make sure that your foundation can withstand a big number of balloons, especially during an outdoor wedding. Also, to make sure that it would be perfect for your wedding ceremony or reception, create your arch hours before the wedding proper because balloons have narrow lifespan. 

If your outdoor wedding is beach themed, bridal arches can be freely draped with thin, transparent material. This will give the arch a flowing effect every time the wind blows on it. You can decorate your wedding arch with items that you find on the beach like starfish and seashells. You can also add palm tree fronds and tropical flowers for a Hawaiian tone. In creating your bridal arches, it is important that these are perfectly paired with your wedding theme. You should plan it along with the other decorations that you want to be included in your wedding reception; avoiding last minute slip-ups. 

bridal arches, wedding arches, pretty wedding arches, outdoor wedding arches

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