Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas

Are you looking for winter wonderland wedding ideas? Getting married during the wintertime can be romantic and beautiful. As most people relate wintertime to Christmastime it can be a very magical and special time to get married and have a wedding reception. But the questions remain - how do you come up with great ideas to turn your own ceremony or reception into a winter wonderland of your own?


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Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas - Determining Your Budget

I know the wedding budget is not exactly how you want to start coming up with any wedding ideas, the wedding budget is in fact what most people wish to ignore and avoid the most. 

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winter wonderland wedding ideas, winter wedding photos, winter wedding collage
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However, when coming up with winter wonderland wedding ideas it is imperative to know how much you have to spend before undertaking this project. How you decide to decorate will certainly be decided if you are going for a DIY wedding or if you have the bankroll to pay for a staff of designers and lighting techs to design and put in place your wonderful winter theme.

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winter wedding wonderland ideas, unique wedding draping, unique wedding decorations

Coming up with winter wonderland wedding ideas can certainly be fun and actually not so hard, but implementing these ideas could become costly rather quickly. For some brides, this is of no consequence at all, but not everyone has an unlimited budget. So take the time to decide if you have thousands to spend or only a few extra hundred to spare.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas - The Colors

Typically, winter wedding colors are white (and all shades of white) and ice blue. You may also add in jewel tones (dark colors like emerald, hunter green, burgundy, and ruby work the best - especially as backdrops) and metallic colors - such as silver, gold, and bronze.

When coming up with winter wonderland wedding ideas you should choose your colors wisely. Remember the colors you use will be used widely throughout your wedding day from the clothing to the flowers and everything in between such as wedding decorations, centerpieces, favors, tablecloths, and the cake colors.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas - Wedding Apparel

Speaking of clothes, it is time to choose yours. Coming up with fabulous winter wonderland wedding ideas includes what you are wearing (the perfect wedding gown of course), as well as the bridesmaids, flower girl and groom and rest of the men involved. This is where your wedding colors will really start to come into play. 

Whether you stuck with traditional winter colors like creams and ice blue or went a little more modern into hunter green and burgundy, it is time to use those in dresses, vests, jewelry, hair clips, and the flowers everyone will be wearing or carrying. So if you have not come up with the perfect wedding color scheme yet, now is certainly the time to do so!

What about your dress? As we mentioned, it will be fabulous, of course - but how will you make it fit in with the rest of the day - what winter wedding wonderland ideas do we have for your dress? Remember we are coming up with winter wonderland wedding ideas, so there is no problem with extravagant outfits, including your gown. 

There is no need to shy away from any of the extras such as full, lush ball gowns, sparkling tiaras, long white gloves or fur capes, and coats to keep your warm on this wintery day. Do not forget to accessorize your jewelry, if you are looking to add something whimsical to the rest of this outfit why not wear snowman earrings or an ornament broach? Of course, this is unnecessary, but it can be fun to add these elements to your wedding! 

Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas - Decorating Ideas

Now that you have come up with the perfect colors and clothing, how will you decorate? There are so many ways to bring out the winter season on your special day; some are quite costly whereas others are as simple as they are beautiful.

Centerpieces - For centerpieces and scattered decorations consider using crystal or silver when available. Put flowers in crystal vases, use crystal angels and silver ornaments. Hang icicle lights or silver garland to bring some of the winter sparkles into your reception.

winter wonderland wedding ideas, winter wedding ideas, winter weddings, winter wedding photos, winter wedding photo collage
winter wonderland wedding ideas, winter wedding ideas, winter weddings, winter wedding photos, winter wedding photo collage

Ice Sculptures - If you can afford it, nothing screams winter wonderland like artful ice sculptures. You can do large or small or just about anything. Make sure they are properly lighted to gain the right amount of flair and attention they deserve.

Draping - Drape walls and ceilings with tulle, organza or silk to really bring out the season. Add twinkle lights and the mood will be set. However, this is something best done by the professionals and this is where your real money will be spent. If you can afford to hire people to do this for you, do it, you will not be disappointed. Besides walls and ceilings drape other areas such as the cake table, gift table, and anything else appropriate at your wedding.

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