Winter Wedding Accessories

Choosing the right winter wedding accessories can help change your event from an everyday wedding to the perfect winter wonderland celebration. In this article, we are going to discuss different things you can do to highlight the season!


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Winter Wedding Accessories - Bridal Gloves

Many brides who get married in the winter still want to wear strapless or short-sleeved wedding gowns. Of course, this decision is totally up to the bride but there is always the possibility of getting cold during the event. If you are looking for the perfect stylish winter wedding accessories, bridal gloves would be it!

Choosing to use bridal gloves as one of your winter wedding accessories can make your look even more stylish and elegant, but may also make you a little more comfortable at the same time. Gloves are great, but they work best at winter weddings because during the other seasons a bride would get too hot to wear them!

Winter Wedding Accessories – Wraps or Wedding Jackets

Another accessory you might want to consider due to the weather would be either a wrap or even a wedding jacket. If you plan ahead you will be able to make the fashion flow together and look absolutely lovely without worrying about if you will be warm enough on your wedding day!

Winter Wedding Accessories - Bouquet Jewelry

Looking for some winter wedding accessories to add a bit of color - how about bouquet jewelry. Many winter weddings are designed in white and ice blue to match the season. Why not add some jewelry to your wedding bouquet to add some color and flair? You can add red or green jewels to match the Christmas season, red and pink for Valentine's Day, or look for different shapes and designs such as hearts or snowflakes.

Winter Wedding Accessories - For Your Hair

Are you looking for winter wedding accessories for your hair? You can either look for colored accessories (especially ones that match your bouquets or bridesmaid dresses) or winter shapes. Snowflakes are great for winter weddings. They are sparkly, pretty, and unique and they look great on the bride. You can look for hairpins, headbands, barrettes, or tiaras.

Winter Wedding Accessories - Winter Wedding Stationery

Of course, you can start out by sending winter wedding accessories in the form of wedding stationery before the event even happens. When you are shopping for save the date cards, engagement announcements, wedding invitations, and everything else, you can always keep the season in mind and choose appropriate wedding stationery to set the tone.

Winter Wedding Accessories - Winter Wedding Favors

Finish off your night of winter elegance by giving winter wedding favors to your guests. This could be the perfect winter wedding accessories because they are placed at every table and every guest will get one and be able to remember your wedding and the season in which you got married quite clearly.

So what kind of winter wedding favors can you give to your guests? Well, there are certainly many different options you have. You can give out decorated candles, candle holders, hot beverage mixes, coasters, bookmarks, mints, and more.

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