30 Beautiful Wedding Jewelry Sets We Found On Amazon

Are you shopping for wedding jewelry sets for your wedding? Check out the selection we have found from Amazon. We choose 30 different wedding sets today for you to choose from - hopefully you will find something you love!


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Believe it or not you can find just about anything for your wedding on Amazon - the issue is you have to know what you are looking for and spend time searching for the items - they do not have a specific wedding search inside the site. Maybe that will change, but for now they don't so I am creating different wedding pages for amazon pages like this one. Hope you enjoy what we have found.

Pearls and diamonds are both popular choices in wedding jewelry - so why not combine them? This beautiful wedding set below has freshwater pearls as the star of the show while being accented by diamonds. Stunning.

Like the idea of pearls and diamonds together but the above wedding jewelry set just did not do it for you? What about this one - the diamond accent is more streamlined - it is practically an arrow to the beautiful pearls on your ears and neck?

Diamonds and pearls are okay for traditional wedding settings and more traditional brides - but what if that just does not describe who you are? Check out this beautiful wedding jewelry set in rose gold - the perfect statement piece for your big day.

A lot of people like the idea of pearls but they want to use them in a more modern way. What about these super cute modern pearl earrings and necklace? This is a good choice for a modern bride and would really fit in great if you are having a beach or tropical wedding!

Leaves and vines are very popular themes you see in wedding jewelry sets. If that is more your style check out the cluster leaf jewelry set below.

Much of the wedding jewelry we see is either gold, silver or white - however, it does not have to be. It is your wedding. If you are looking for a variery of rich metallic tones this may be the jewelry for you!

Want to add some super cute hearts with your pearls? Why not wear these! I love how they are a set but the pearl on the necklace is hanging from a tilted heart and the earrings are more traditional. It gives the look just enough variety to keep it interesting.

Silver and Diamonds go very wedding together and everything is better when you add a twist!

Here is another example of leaf themed wedding jewelry sets - but this time there are some delicate pearls intertwined with the leafs, not just hanging from the center.

Here is another beautiful statement piece for your wedding! If green is one of your wedding colors you might be interested in this set. Even if it isn't, who cares - if you love this look go for it! It is you wedding, after all.

I for one can not resist jewelry with stars! There is just something about stars that screams wear me, love me and I do love them. If you are like me you might like this as a jewelry choice for your wedding day. Even if you feel it is not right so your wedding, there is still the honeymoon, right?

Here are some more super cute leaves and vines. Of course, this one even comes with a matching bracelet!

If you are into rose gold you might like the selection below. It includes CZ stones and pearls to complete the look.

If you are getting married in the winter months, snowflake wedding jewelry might be just what you are looking for. This beautiful earring and necklace set includes blue diamonds in the design so your "something blue" will be covered in a really stunning way.

If you are looking for a touch of blue in your wedding jewelry and you are not getting married in the wintertime so the snowflakes are just not an option - what about this pearl and blue sapphire wedding jewelry set?

Here is another pretty traditional look for your wedding. It is beautiful and eye-catching, but it is not overdone - so it will not take away from your hair, makeup and wedding gown!

However, if you want something stunning and eye-catching - why not go for these statement pieces which include a statement necklace, dangle earrings and a headpiece to complete this look?

Sometimes you just want something simple. There is nothing more simple than these freshwater pearl stud earrings paired with a modest pearl on a chain necklace.

I really love this look for the more modern and daring brides. If you do not care about tradition and you main concern is what you are wearing is pretty and makes you happy, check out this wedding jewelry set. This cherry blossom themed jewelry is dainty and modern at the same time. Love it!

Here is another traditional look which would be great in a traditional or elegant wedding. A strand of pearls, a pearl bracelet and then your choose of either dangle pearl earrings or stud pearl earrings.

Are you looking for a teardrop jewelry? Check out these two toned diamond teardrop earrings!

If you really want a necklace and earrings that dangle for your big day check out this one. It is not the type of jewelry most brides choose to wear, but it could be just right for you.

Looking for a wedding jewelry set that sparkles? This is the one for you. It is CZ instead of diamond so this look has the added benefit that it will not break the bank.

Want the look of diamonds and pearls without spending the money on the diamonds? Look at this super unique CZ wedding jewelry set with diamonds front and center.

Looking for jewelry that really stands out and makes a statement? Pearls are great, but not everyone loves white pearls! Check these black pearls, real diamonds and gold - it is a great combination. Treat yourself to this elegant wedding jewelry look - hey you only get married once, right?

Here is another beautiful but simple pearl wedding jewelry set. A nice stand of pearls, bracelet and stud earrings. So elegant and traditional!

Okay - I really love this look. You do not see golden pearls very often and paired with the gold chain and accents it is just breathtaking!

This wedding jewelry set is really pretty. I love the way the leaves and vines twist at the end of the necklace, really makes this area a focal point of the set.

This is also a nice pearl jewelry set. I think the bracelet looks sweet and delicate next to the necklace and earring. It clearly goes together, but by breaking the pattern it adds a little extra sophistication to this set.

Finally, we have another pearl set with flowers. it is really pretty and simple and will go with just about any wedding look you have planned for your big day!

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