30 Wedding Favors and DIY Favor Supplies For Your Wedding

Wedding Favors From Amazon - is that a phrase you ever used? It is true - Amazon really does have everything especially if you take the time to look and search! There are plenty of places outside of Amazon that you can shop for wedding favors including other online wedding stores, wedding boutiques and even discount stores (especially if you are going the DIY route). But amazon also has a pretty nice selection.


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One of the problems with shopping at Amazon for wedding supplies is that it is a little difficult to find what you are looking for as there are just so many options. This is why I have made this page for you - I have selected 30 items that are either complete wedding favors or supplies that you can use to create you own. I hope you find what you are looking for here. Enjoy!

If you are planning on giving a wedding favor that your guests will get some use out of, why not give them coffee? You can buy these cute coffee bags which come prefilled with coffee and your customized wedding stickers. As you can see you can choose the bag color (black, white, gold or copper) and you can either buy 12 at a time (perfect for smaller weddings, the wedding party or gifts outside the wedding - like immediate family and close friends) or save money per item by purchasing in batches of 36.

So these are cute little containers that you can fill up with mints and give to your guests. This could be used as your main wedding favor as as part of a larger treat bag!

If you are looking for your wedding favor to be a long lasting keepsake you might want to consider these adorable shot glasses!

Want to give your guests something sweet to remember your wedding by? Why not give them these cute candy cubes filled with chocolate sixlets.

Another super cute keepsake idea is to give out bookmarks! This is a great idea if you want something that people can continue to use daily or to just be able to display on their bookshelf or in their office.

Another cute keepsake are these fans. You can choose to give them out as wedding favors, however, another cute idea is to have them passed out when your guests arrive at the ceremony. This way if the ceremony or reception is on the warm side they will have this adorable fan with them to use all day long!

How about some super cute boxes to put candy or treats of your own choosing inside? When you are buying some of these smaller treat boxes you can also choose to make them part of larger wedding favor gifts or even just treats to enjoy during the reception.

Are you looking for beach themed wedding favors? Why not choose these beach themed candles to give away. They are really stunning and will remind your guests of your beach wedding!

If you have considered giving away soap as your wedding favor or part of the wedding favor package look no further than these cute sunflower soap gifts - they come in packs of 24 to make it easy to share!

Why not give your guests the gift of chocolate. These delicious wedding favors are a traditional Hershey candy bar wrapped in a personalized wedding candy wrapper with your wedding details!

Do you like giving out drink mixes, but hot drinks are just not your thing? Why not give your guests these cute cosmopolitan Drink mixes instead?

Looking for the perfect wedding favor boxes but everything you find is just either too traditional or modern? Well what about these adorable paper boxes tied with twine? These would be wonderful for couples planning a country wedding, a western wedding or a rustic wedding theme!

This wedding favor is both stunning in appearance as well as something your guests can use for years to come! It is a super cute rose gold skeleton key bottle opener. It comes on a really cute favor tag. This is the type of favor which combines beauty in its presentation with usability for your guests!

Here is some more really cute soap to give out! You can have the personalized so to add a little something extra to this gift.

If you want to give your guests something sweet to snack on what about this candy cube filled with dark chocolate cordials?

If you like the idea of giving out candy bars but prefer to give out small miniatures instead of full sized - check these out. By giving out the mini's instead they come in this super cute package which would look great at your wedding reception!

Why not just give out Hershey kisses! Everyone loves this sweet treat and they come in these really cute personalized jars. You can either give these out as favors or just have a few at each table for your guests to snack on during the reception.

Here is another really cute bookmark to give out if your guests are readers!

Another drink mix idea are these cute lemonade packs. This would work especially well if you are having a summer wedding.

Looking for a wedding favor that is more on the traditional keepsake side - what do you think about this cute rose dome wedding favors?

If you or your loved ones love wine why not gift them with vineyard themed wine charms? This is a cute and original idea that would especially work at a modern wedding.

Here are some more cute ideas for giving out soap. You can give one to each guest or make little baskets for each person with different scents to try.

Get these cute wedding stickers to put onto any item you want to give out to your guests in order to change everyday items into wedding favors!

If you are getting married in the winter or the spring you can give out seed packets to your guests which they can turn around and plant - giving them a long lasting reminder of your wedding!

Here are some more super cute mini candy bars to give out. You could also put them in a big bowl for your wedding guests to share on your big day!

Here are some cute dessert silverware to give out at your wedding. This would fall into the unique category - so if you are looking for wedding favors you will not see at every wedding, give this one some serious thought!

Measuring spoons are a beautiful way to share your wedding with your family and friends. Trust me, one can never have too many measuring spoons. Give these out and your guests will thank you!

Do you want to give out your own treat bags? This is a super cute way to give out food while letting your guests know a little bit about you. Instead of putting whatever typical wedding treats you see at every wedding, fill these bags with the brides favorite treats and the grooms favorite treats - this way you are sharing a little bit of who you are with any guests that do not already know your snack preferences.

Buy these perfect blend favor bags and then fill them up with your own preferences. These work especially well for trail mix, granola, tea or coffee - but you could also do your own thing with dried fruit, salty snacks or hard candy.

Here are some more bags to fill with treats for your guests. These would be great for trail mix, salty snacks or popcorn.

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