30 Wedding Drop Earrings To Wear on Your Wedding Day

Are you wearing wedding drop earrings to your wedding? Get ideas of different beautiful earrings you might choose for your wedding day.


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Check out the 30 pairs we have chosen for you - we hope you find a pair to fall in love with!

Check out these super beautiful gemstone drop earrings? They come in many different gemstones but the one shown here is opal.

Here are so more beautiful wedding drop earrings with gemstones. These are teardrop earrings with morganite gemstones. You can also get this with other metals and stones to match your own personal look.

Pearls are a classic wedding look. Check out these sterling silver drop pearl earrings.

Get some beautiful emerald cut lab grown diamond earrings. These are simply stunning and will go with any wedding gown!

Are you looking for wedding drop earrings and wedding jewelry that has a retro or even an art deco look? Check out these super cute art deco dangle earrings - perfect if your are looking for a flapper, 1920's retro vibe.

Here is a nice combo of dangle earrings and ear cuffs. They have a nice floral and moon vibe with a silver, blue and white color scheme. If you are looking for your something blue item, this could be it!

You can never go wrong with traditional dangle diamond earrings. These are beautiful 2 ct cushion diamond earrings in 14K white gold.

Here is a nice twist on the typical pearl earrings. The pearls hand from a white gold heart and shown below is a pink pearl. If you are more of a traditionalist, they are also available in white.

Check out this vintage pearl and ruby fluer-de-lis earrings. If you are looking for a statement piece to wear on your wedding day this could certainly be it!

If cubic zirconia is more your style - these are super cute. The price of the item does not matter, it is whether or not you can get behind the fashion statement. These crystal leaf drop earrings are really pretty as well as affordable. Even if you do not think they are for you, you might want to consider these or something similar for your bridesmaids.

These wedding drop earrings are amazing pretty - they will change color depending on the way they catch the light throughout your day and night. This is really the type of magical item most brides look for - unique, fun and beautiful.

Here are some beautiful blue diamond earrings - again another beautiful idea for your something blue!

Here are some beautifully delicate 14k gold Italian floral wedding drop earrings. They can bring just the right amount of sweetness and romanticism into your wedding.

These are cubic zirconia but they are super cute. I love the cluster of leave like gems at the top before the dangle part of the earring.

Looking for a bit of color in your jewelry? The white and gold together are amazing and eye-catching. If you like the design but not the color scheme they also come in white gold. The symbolism of the earring is completed loops with no beginning or end which symbolizes eternity - which is pretty on point with what you want your wedding to be all about!

Here are some cute black pearl earrings. If you love the idea of pearls but you want something more modern than traditional, black pearls might be a better choice for you.

Still looking for something blue? These blue diamond earrings are certainly another viable choice for your wedding day.

Want something blue but blue diamonds are too much? Why not pair some small diamonds with these aquamarine stones instead?

Butterflies are a great theme for weddings as well as jewelry choices for any occasion. Why should your wedding be any different? These are simple, but still quite lovely!

Want to wear diamonds but do not love big stones? Why not wear wedding drop earrings with diamond strands? So pretty.

Combining diamonds and pearls is never a bad idea. Is there ever a better time to treat yourself to this luxury than on your wedding day?

Here is a different style of butterfly earrings. These cute purple stones dropped from the butterfly are beautiful. These would be great for brides with a purple wedding scheme for their wedding.

Here is a pair of diamond and sapphire floral wedding drop earrings. They are super cute and fashionable.

I love this white gold and diamond swirl earrings. They are pretty and modern, very eye-catching.

Looking for something a little more colorful? What about this enchanting rainbow drop earrings?

Looking for something basic and pretty. Check out these silver chandelier earrings.

Here is another pretty pair of pearl earrings that would look great for your wedding.

Check out these beautiful two toned wedding drop earrings today. They are cute and enchanting - a very modern look and feel for a less than traditional bride.

Love these white gold leaf and filigree earrings. There are super pretty and would make a good pair of earrings if you are looking for a statement piece to wear.

Finally, we love these beautiful crystal boho earrings - there are so pretty!

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