30 Beautiful Wedding Cupcake Toppers We Adore - and so will you

Are you looking for wedding cupcake toppers and ideas? If you are planning on having wedding cupcakes at your reception you might want to invest in some cure wedding cupcake toppers as well!


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We have chosen 30 different wedding topper ideas - some romantic and related to weddings, as well as a few to use for specific wedding themes. I hope you find some really cute toppers perfect for you own wedding!

Check out this super cute silver glitter cupcake toppers - These are really cute, very wedding themed and will look great whether you use them on all your wedding cupcakes or choose to just decorate a few.

I love these simple but beautiful Mr & Mrs wedding cake toppers. They are so cute!

Want something even cuter and adorable but still wedding themed? these are great - and although you might choose to use them at your wedding, they would be equally nice at wedding parties such as the engagement party or bridal party.

Here are some Mr & Mrs wedding cupcake toppers that a little bit more on the elegant or minimalist side.

Here are some beautiful greenery themed wedding cupcake toppers. There are many different themes and types of weddings you could use these with.

Sometimes all you need is a heart. It doe not hurt that it is rose gold and glittery!

Here are some cute options for a Paris or Eiffel Tower theme!

Looking for toppers to fulfill a wedding theme but also something big and bold? What about pink and red hearts and "love" toppers. So modern and fun.

I love these - especially the tux and wedding dress ones - they will look awesome on your wedding cake and dessert table.

This is a really nice collection if you are either having a wedding cake in addition to cupcakes or you are having tiered wedding cupcakes with a one layer cake on top. This allows you to have a nice selection of different toppers to decorate with.

These are pretty basic - stars and hearts in gold and silver. However, do not let that scare you away. Sometimes you want to choose basic decoration pieces to accent the rest of your decor. Not every decoration and detail can be a show stopper - it is important to pick just a few things to stand out and allow the rest to effortlessly blend in with the rest of the wedding decorations.

Same thing here - these silver glitter hearts are really cute. However, they are basic enough to go with any color scheme or wedding theme already in place. You will not need to worry that they will clash with t he rest of your wedding decor, nor that they will not look good with the cupcake colors and design.

Here are some more really cute tuxes, wedding gowns and diamond rings!

It is wedding theme time! Are you having a butterfly wedding theme, or a wedding theme focused on Springtime or the beginning of the summer? If so, these delicate and beautiful pink butterfly wedding cupcake toppers will fit right in! Below they are shown decorating a cake, but they will look great on cupcakes as well.

If love and devotion is what you are going for - the below cupcake toppers might be the one thing you need to complete the theme or look. if you are having a romantic wedding theme or even a Valentine wedding this would be so perfect.

If you are getting married in the winter, would anything be better than snowflakes as your toppers? These are great for winter weddings, holiday weddings or winter wonderland themed weddings.

Here are some more really cute love / heart wedding cupcake topper ideas for you!

These wedding cupcake toppers are really cute. When you are selecting your toppers you should really brainstorm on how to bring the theme alive. For instance, if you use these toppers you might want to serve a cupcake that either the cupcake batter or the frosting is infused with hard liquor or even champagne.

Here are some more really cute hearts. Intertwined hearts are a classic wedding theme and decor idea - why not use this for your dessert decorations as well?

Are you having a Disney themed wedding or do you just really love Disney? If your answer to either one of those answers is yes you should consider using these Disney cupcake toppers. If you do, you might also want to think about making matching themed cupcakes or just making sure that they are really colorful and vivid.

There is nothing more simple and straight to the point than these adorable I Do cupcake toppers with the super cute country bows. These would go especially well with a rustic or country wedding!

Are you into dreamcatchers? Do they have cultural or even just personal meaning to you? If yes, this might be something you would be interested in using for your wedding decorations.

Here are some more really cute and adorable heart cupcake toppers for your consideration!

If you grew up in the 80's or just really identify with that generation you will adore these 1980's themed toppers! Even if you are not from the generation - come on records, rollerskates, gameboys and boomboxes - what's not to love?

Here are some more cure Mr and Mrs Cupcake toppers!

Okay - I love snowflakes so I could not resist choosing two different snowflake toppers to you. Snowflakes are unique and different as are the two toppers I selected so I thought you really needed to see both of them!

Harry Potter. Need I say more? If you are using Harry potter at all in your theme or really are just looking for a way to squeeze it in there - here you go. Awesome Harry Potter Cupcake Toppers. You Are So Welcome!

Are you having a nautical wedding theme? If you are, I do not see how you can possible resist these toppers. Look at the photo and see how awesome they are!

Do you have a think for fairies? If so what do you think of these gold glitter fairies and have you considered how great they will look at your wedding? If not, you should start thinking about it right now!

Finally, we have made out way to Hawaii. Whether you are getting married in Hawaii, have a Hawaiian wedding theme or just a tropical wedding these will be so awesome! Don't forget to use them with tropical flavored cupcakes and cocktails!

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