Tropical Wedding Cake Ideas

Are you looking for tropical wedding cake ideas? If you are having a wedding with a tropical theme you might be wondering just how to portray the beauty and uniqueness of the tropics to your guests. One of the themes that overlaps with the tropics is a beach theme. It is understandable because one of the first things that someone thinks of when they think of all things tropical is the beach. Here are some tropical wedding cake ideas. 


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Tropical Wedding Cake Ideas - Beach Themed

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If all you want is for your beautiful wedding cake to make you guest think about the beach which is not too difficult to do. One of the most popular ways to make your wedding cake look like it should be at the beach is to decorate it with seashells. Seashells come in many different sizes and colors so it should not be too difficult to find ones that you want on your cake that match your color scheme or create the look you want. Like the ideas of seashells but don't want them on your cake? Because you could either take seashells and artfully circle the outside of the cake and scatter them around the cake table or you could ask your baker to create a cake with the look of seashells with frosting and cake jewelry. 

What if you like the beach but not seashells, what else could you use? One of the many tropical wedding cake ideas is pretty simple, create a normal cake in your chosen colors and use either cake jewelry or special cake toppers to help create the theme. Some cake toppers that you can buy include the bride and groom on the beach, a starfish, or palm trees. If beach cake toppers interest you, you should start shopping now. Look for beach themed toppers or cake jewelry that you like, you might even think of making one yourself. 

Tropical Wedding Cake Ideas - Tropical Flowers

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The beach is nice, but maybe you want something a little more delicate, like using tropical flowers to beautify the cake. As far as tropical wedding cake ideas go, flowers are a popular one. More and more people areincorporating flowers into the look of the cake. Of course you need to consider the safety of your guests when choosing the flowers as some can be toxic, but overall using flowers is a nice idea. You can either have them directly on the cake or scattered around the cake for a nice effect. Of course, you can just have fake flowers or frosting created flowers if you want to utilize the theme but you do not want to use real flowers. There are a number of beautiful tropical flowers to choose from. Tropical lilies and orchids are especially popular. 

Tropical Wedding Cake Ideas - Tropical Fruit

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So maybe you are thinking these are great tropical wedding cake ideas, but I want more. I don't just want it to look tropical but I want it to taste tropical! If that is how you feel you might want to consider using tropical fruit with your wedding cake. To use tropical fruits, such as raspberries, mangos or star fruit, you can do one of the following. 

Use the fruit as a decoration. Many people circle each layer of the cake with flowers or put flowers on the top of the cake, well you can just substitute the flowers with fruit. You could use a nice fruit, like raspberries, and encircle each layer of the cake. The fruit is delicious and it would add color to the wedding cake as well. 

Do you like the idea of ​​tropical fruit but you do not want to put it on the cake? How about putting it in the cake instead? You could have a fruit filling or have the frosting fruit flavored. This way the cake can look however you want it to look but you can add the taste of the tropics to the cake as well. 

There you have it, some tropical wedding cake ideas to get you started! Of course there are more tropical wedding cake ideas out there, but these will help you narrow down what you want. As you can see it doesn't take much to turn a plain wedding cake into a beautiful tropical one! 

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