Spring Wedding Themes – Find Ways To Bring the Springtime into Your Wedding


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Are you looking for spring wedding themes? You can either focus on actual themes (like Easter, spring flowers, etc.) or you can attack each part of your wedding individually and make sure the spring season shines through in every area. It is not that hard to emphasize the season in your wedding. You just have to be careful to choose spring wedding colors, spring stationery, spring clothing, and more.

spring wedding themes, spring wedding cake, pastel wedding cake

So in spring wedding themes, we are going to look at different aspects of your wedding and how to bring your spring season to each item. You can choose to use one specific wedding theme or you can build your wedding around the entire season. Get your spring wedding ideas here. 

Spring Wedding Themes - The Stationery

The stationery is the one piece of your wedding that your guests will see first. You will send out wedding invitations before the big day and you may send out other pieces of stationery as well (save the date cards or magnets, engagement party invitations, engagement announcements, bridal shower invitations). Your wedding stationery is the first way you can ensure everyone knows that you love spring wedding themes and your wedding has one.

You can choose stationery colors like pastel pink or blue which emphasize the season. You may also want to choose to have your stationery decorated with spring-like items such as spring flowers, greenery, or vines or birds. All of these things remind people that winter is over and spring is finally upon us.

Spring Wedding Themes - Choosing Your Wedding Colors

If you are planning on focusing on spring wedding themes, you should also be focused on the colors. Spring colors are light and pretty. Many times the most recognized spring colors are pastels, and they are easily associated with Easter which always occurs in the springtime.

spring wedding themes, pink wedding bouquet, pink wedding flowers
spring wedding themes, yellow wedding bouquets, yellow wedding flowers
spring wedding flowers, spring wedding themes, blue and pink wedding bouquet
spring wedding themes, spring wedding flowers, white bridal bouquet

Some pastel colors that you may want to consider include light pink, pale yellow, light green, and light blue. To incorporate these colors into your wedding you can choose these colors for flowers, wedding cake design, centerpiece, and decoration design as well as the colors of bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen vests. 

Spring Wedding Themes - The Wedding Gown

You can also choose a wedding gown with the season in mind. Of course, you do not have to add the gown into your spring planning if you already know what type of wedding dress it is that you want, but if you are open to suggestions we have some small ones which will make a wedding gown a little more spring friendly.

Spring wedding dresses are usually made out of lighter fabrics such as chiffon and organza. You can add a little pizzazz to them by adding jewel, crystal, or floral embellishments. If you are really looking to call attention to yourself and your beautiful wedding gown you can choose to either have a shortened hemline (one which does not reach the floor), or you can add some color to your dress, especially pastel colors. You can even consider wearing a colored wedding dress where white is not present at all.

Spring Wedding Themes - Spring Wedding Flowers

Choosing spring flowers for your bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements is one way that you can focus your wedding in spring. Flowers are everywhere on your wedding day, they make a large impression. You will see flowers on everyone in the wedding party, all the bouquets, arrangements at the ceremony and the reception and usually in the centerpieces on individual tables and larger centerpieces and decorations at the head table.

Spring Wedding Themes, Spring Wedding Ideas, Spring Weddings, Spring Wedding Bouquets, pink wedding bouquet
Spring Wedding Themes, Spring Wedding Ideas, Spring Weddings, Spring Wedding Bouquets, Purple and White Wedding Bouquet
Spring Wedding Themes, Spring Wedding Ideas, Spring Weddings, Spring Wedding Bouquets, Blue and White Wedding Bouquet
Spring Wedding Themes, Spring Wedding Ideas, Spring Weddings, Spring Wedding Bouquets, Purple and White Wedding Bouquet

There are many different spring flowers you can choose from when designing your wedding. Some of our favorites include cherry blossoms, daffodils, hydrangeas, lilacs, lilies, magnolias, pansies, peonies, ranunculus, snapdragons, violets and wisteria. You can use any of these flowers or a combination of several to make a stunning spring statement.

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