15 Simple Wedding Cakes We Love

Simple Wedding Cakes - Not sure what kinds of wedding cake you want yet and still looking for ideas? Check out this short  video for some wedding cake inspiration!

Are you looking for simple wedding cakes for your wedding day? These days wedding cakes really do come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. If you are looking for wedding cake trends – going simple is certainly a hot idea right now! Many modern cakes are elaborate in both size and design. This is fine for some brides, but for others, they want something a little more simple and classic.


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Simple Wedding Cakes - Using Scrolls and Designs

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Scrolls and designs can look very nice on wedding cakes. They can add elegance and sophistication to simple wedding cakes. This is a simple and effective way to make your wedding cake beautiful, a real focal point of your reception.

If you really want a simple cake, nothing more, you might be thinking how is adding any type of design to my cake going to make a simple and uncomplicated cake? Simple does not have to mean boring or plain – it just is not overly elaborate. A few small details or embellishments can turn a plain cake into a gorgeous wedding cake, truly a focal point or centerpiece of your dessert table.

When you utilize easy design elements like scrolls or easy designs you can add a pop of design or color to the cake which will make the cake stand out even more. This is a great way to use your primary and secondary wedding colors in a cake without going overboard.

For instance, if your main wedding color is Purple and your secondary is black you can have a purple wedding cake with black embellishments, swirls, polka dots, or other design elements. You can also choose to add a pop of color with the wedding cake topper you use.

Simple Wedding Cakes - Show Your Love With Hearts

When you are looking for wedding cake ideas you might want to consider the romantic ideas of hearts in your wedding. Hearts are a traditional symbol of love inside weddings and out. The challenge is to add this symbol to your wedding without looking too cutesy or overdone. This layered wedding cake does a very nice job. The colors look great together and using the mirrored wedding cake plate is a nice touch.

There are of course other ways to add hearts to the wedding cake. The first way is by using a heart or a double heart as the wedding cake topper. By using something so simple to your cake it will actually add a touch of elegance to it without changing the actual designs you want to use on the cake itself if any.

simple wedding cakes, heart wedding cakes, purple wedding cakes

You can have your baker add hearts to your wedding cake with frosting. You can have one large heart or many small ones designed directly into the frosting. You could have a white cake with white hearts where the design is completely subtle or you could choose to make it bolder.

Finally, if you really like the idea of hearts you could just have a heart shaped cake!

If you like this idea and want to see more photos check out our heart-shaped wedding cake page for photos of both heart shaped wedding cakes and wedding cakes decorated with flowers!

Simple Wedding Cakes - Using Flowers

Simple wedding cakes always look especially nice with the use of flowers. There are many ways to utilize fresh flowers with your wedding cake. The above photo shows how you should not just limit your creativity with the flowers to the cake itself, the cake table can easily be decorated as well!

You can use flowers on top of the cake, in between each layer (or on top of each layer, depending on the wedding cake style), or cascading down the cake. You can also use flower petals around the cake in a circle, artistically on the table, or scattered on the cake itself.

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If you are going to use fresh flowers on your cake make sure the flowers you use are safe and edible. Some flowers are not safe for eating, in fact, they are toxic. Regardless of how pretty a flower is you need to make sure you will not be causing any problems for your guests!

Of course, if you do not love the idea of fresh flowers on your cake you can ask your cake baker for ideas of what flowers made from frosting would look like. Ask for photos or live examples to make sure you like the way they look.

simple wedding cakes, simple wedding cake ideas, beautiful wedding cakes, wedding cake ideas
simple wedding cakes, simple wedding cake ideas, beautiful wedding cakes, wedding cake ideas

Check out the photos on this page to see some of the different ways that you might want to use flowers on your own cake as well as whether you want the cake to stand-alone or add loose flowers or flower petals to the table to add to the floral theme.

When searching for simple wedding cake ideas using fresh flowers for the cake as well as the cake table is a winner! Want to get even more ideas on how to use flowers with your wedding cake? Check out our pages for Daisy Wedding Cakes and Wedding Cakes With Fresh Flowers to see more photos, get ideas and inspiration!

simple wedding cakes, simple wedding cake ideas, beautiful wedding cakes, wedding cake ideas

Simple Wedding Cakes - Using Monograms

Many different wedding cake designs include monograms. Monograms look really nice on wedding cakes. The most popular way to use a monogram or initial is pictured above, as the wedding cake topper itself. You can also ask your baker about designs they may choose to do on the cake itself. Ask for photos and ideas if this is something that interests you.

simple wedding cakes, white wedding cakes, monogrammed wedding cakes, wedding cakes with monograms

When you are adding an element to the cake through the cake topper it allows you to have more options on the cake for design and style. See the examples on the page to see how the cakes all have big and bold monogrammed wedding cake toppers but also have very different cake designs!

If you are not completely in love with the monogram being only on top you can choose a style where the monograms on one of the middle layers of the cake instead.

Monograms used as a design element are an easy way to celebrate your marriage in the cake or to add a touch of elegance into the design.

Other Wedding Cakes

So you came here to look at simple wedding cakes and hopefully you found some cakes you really like! However, if for some reason you ultimately decide simple wedding cakes are just not your thing after all you can check out our wedding cake page for a variety of designs and styles.

Besides all the photos on our main cake page, there is a list of links to other more specific wedding cake ideas at the bottom such as wedding cake styles, black and white wedding cakes, or creative wedding cakes! I hope you find the wedding cake inspiration you are searching for!

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