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Are you looking for the best inexpensive wedding ideas? Are you on a tight wedding budget? Keep reading to find some cheap wedding ideas that will make your wedding unforgettable at an affordable price.


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Inexpensive Wedding Ideas - Invitations

One of the easiest cheap wedding ideas is to make your own invitations. This is both cheap and fun because you'll be able to make the perfect invitation to suit your wedding theme. Use your imagination to design a simple, elegant, or crazy wedding invitation that your guests will keep for years. 

For these DIY invitations, you can find everything you need at your local stationery store. Use your own computer to design the layout of your invitation and print the text in your chosen color combination. Make sure you get some glitter and ribbons for the finishing touches on your envelopes. This will definitely be cheaper than having them made. 

If you do not trust your own creativity skills you can always buy DIY wedding invitations. They usually come in packs like 12 or 20 packs and they have a preset design and you need to fill out the details. That is much cheaper than preprinted cards but they also require slightly more work. However, you can still find beautiful and acceptable wedding stationery this way without breaking the bank.

Do you want to get preprinted invitations and want to have a greater variety of styles to choose from? It is more than possible to get budget wedding invitations that you will still love without spending more than you want to. 

Inexpensive Wedding Ideas - Wedding Favors and Centerpieces

Cheap wedding ideas for wedding favors and centerpieces are becoming a necessity. The minute you say "wedding", costs soar. That's why a great way to lower your wedding expenses is to buy flowers straight from the florist and make your own arrangements. You can also buy candles or candle holders in large quantities and add ribbons and glitter to make your own simple wedding favors. 

inexpensive wedding ideas, budget wedding ideas, red and white wedding flowers
inexpensive wedding ideas, budget wedding ideas, Floating Candle Wedding Centerpiece, budget wedding decorations

Centerpieces can also be simple and elegant glass vases with a variety of fresh flowers. Or, a set of candles in different shapes and sizes in a color matching your theme can be arranged as a beautiful centerpiece. Flowers and candles are easy to find and come in so many colors you'll have a hard time deciding what combination to choose.

Inexpensive wedding ideas, budget wedding ideas, floral wedding decorations, Purple Floral Head Table Decorations
inexpensive wedding ideas, budget wedding ideas, floral wedding decorations
inexpensive wedding ideas, budget wedding ideas, Floral and Candle Wedding Centerpiece

It is certainly a possibility to save money by going the DIY route with things like favors and decorations. You can buy supplies in bulk such as flowers, ribbons, mirrors, mason jars, candles, and fabric and you can easily put together attractive bouquets, floral arrangements, decorations, and centerpieces.

More Inexpensive Wedding Ideas for your Wedding - The Wedding Cake

Probably one of the most famous cheap wedding ideas being used these days is replacing the traditional wedding cake with wedding cupcakes. Wedding cupcakes are much cheaper to buy or even make yourself and you can decorate each cupcake to match your wedding theme. You'll save big on wedding cake expenses such as the cutting of the cake (which can anywhere from $1 to $3 per slice) to the cake itself. Plus, your guests will enjoy having their own delicious cupcakes to savor. 

inexpensive wedding ideas, budget wedding ideas, wedding cupcakes, wedding cupcake ideas, Lime Green Wedding Cupcake Tower
inexpensive wedding ideas, budget wedding ideas, wedding cupcakes, wedding cupcake ideas, Wedding Cupcake and Top Cake Tier Tower

If you want to stick to the traditional wedding cake, you can buy many smaller cakes at your local bakery and have them arranged on a table and decorated with matching flowers from your reception hall decorations. Or, if you're into DIY, buy cake mixes and have a few girlfriends help you make your own wedding cake(s). These inexpensive wedding cake ideas can save you a fortune.

If you are set on having a traditional bakery made wedding cake you can still do this but choose a smaller tiered one. This will allow you to have a beautifully decorated cake perfect for photos and traditions (such as smashing the cake in your spouse's face or just feeding each other, as well as saving the top tier for your first anniversary). 

inexpensive wedding ideas, budget wedding ideas, simple wedding cakes, red and white wedding cake
inexpensive wedding ideas, budget wedding ideas, simple wedding cakes, rustic wedding cake

Many couples choose to get a smaller display cake but then in the back where the food and desserts are prepared, the cooking staff will actually cut slices from a sheet cake, which is far more economical than a wedding cake meant to feed 100 people or more!

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