Fall Wedding Ideas – Tons of Ideas to Bring the Season into Your Wedding Day

Do you already have fall wedding ideas on your mind? If you having trouble coming up with ideas for your autumn wedding, here are some more autumn wedding ideas to get you started.


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Getting married in fall could be a very lovely experience for you and your significant other, the colors during this season are very rich and earthy; the colors of the leaves are turned mellow and calm just like the weather, not too hot or too cold.  

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Autumn gives us a warm feeling of renewal. You can imagine the weather that is fresh and bright, a perfect time to spend some time outside. It may be a good time to tie the knot, right? You wouldn't have to deal with the oppressive heat during the summer and harsh snow on a winter day. 

Fall Wedding Ideas- The Location

When you're planning an outdoor wedding location, there are many idyllic places you can choose from. It can be in a park, orchard, ranch, old country church, countryside lodge, lake, farm, vineyard, or on the garden of a mansion. If an outdoor location is not possible, you can have it in a room with a good view of falling leaves and a fireplace full of wood.

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The wedding should contain simple decorations that can add to the season's splendor. Use items that are inspired by autumn: like pumpkins, gold-dipped fall leaves, barrels, or bales of hay; anything or everything that reminds you of the countryside. 

But if you like to add a little glam in your wedding, add some drapes in rich colors (it can be gold, burgundy or rich chocolate brown). Still need more fall wedding ideas - try adding some antique broaches, chandeliers, or stemware to add further accent to the scene. 

Fall Wedding Ideas- The Gowns

For the bride's wedding gown, why not choose a cream or an off-white wedding gown; tone it with laces and golden beads to match the autumn theme of the wedding. 

If you are a more adventurous bride you could also choose a non-white gown – one of a rich red or dark yellow – or even just get a gown that has touches of these colors. Some gowns have multiple colors within them, or they have trim around the hem or the waist.

Like the idea of adding color but still want to wear white. Invest in a wedding jacket or a wrap of a different color. 

For the bridesmaids, choose velvet or brocade dresses instead of linen dresses. Choose beautifully rich fall colors to do with the rest of the day.

Fall Wedding Ideas- The Colors

Yellow, orange, gold, copper, peach, and brown are the colors associated with the season. You can also add colors such as purple and red which adds warmth and boldness. You can consider them when thinking of your wedding color scheme. 

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Think also about plant life or flora as a basis for color inspiration. You should think about warm and rich colors which represent autumn, even metallic shades (gold, copper, bronze, etc.) can be used or mixed with the jewel tones for further flavor.

Fall Wedding Ideas- The Flowers

There are several flowers of autumn that you can choose from; they include daisies, roses, sunflowers, mums, and hypericum. To add to the fall theme you can put them in containers like hollowed-out pumpkins (real or fake), wooden boxes, or rustic lanterns.

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These colors would also make great bold bouquets and floral arrangements. They will match the rest of the wedding theme and look gorgeous in photos.

Fall Wedding Ideas- The Cake

Pumpkin cake or even a tiered pumpkin pie is a good suggestion for the cake that you're going to have on your autumn wedding. Not interested in pumpkin? Why not have a chocolate cake decorated with fresh or marzipan fruits and berries. 

Of course, you can decorate any color cake to look like fall by adding leaves and seasonal flowers or berries. This can be done with real items or with frosting.

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Even if you are not into obvious fall accents like flowers, leaves, and berries you can just have your cake decorated in fall wedding colors and you will still get the same effect.

Fall Wedding Ideas- The Invitations

For your wedding invitations select an autumn color for your stationery like orange, brown, rust, red or dark yellow. For the lettering, use metallic color inks. And to accentuate it, add an autumn motif like acorns, maple leaves, falling leaves, or seasonal flowers. 

Fall Wedding Ideas- The Favors

Choices for the wedding favors depend on how formal your wedding is. You can include plastic or ceramic pumpkins packed with your favorite candies. You may also consider giving candles, caramel or candy apples, homemade goodies like fudge and jam, or miniature bottles of maple syrup. 

These treats can be packaged in a festive wrapping for pizzazz or in wood crates lined with straw for a pastoral touch. Of course, you may also want to choose favors shaped like or decorated with leaves. This opens up the possibilities tremendously. 

You can also choose more traditional favors and just give them a touch of fall. For instance, you can give out candles, candy bars, or wine bottle toppers but have a leaf design printed on them.

Fall Wedding Ideas- The Menu

Generally, any food that is rich in flavor and spices is perfect for your fall wedding dinner. Roasted turkey and pumpkin pie is an excellent combination for your meal. Also, you can have squash, sweet potato fried, or mashed potato as your side dish. You can take advantage of the seasonal harvest to minimize expenses. Have warm cranberry cider in a glass during the cocktail hour. 

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If you do not want to go totally fall here and have a more traditional menu, that is fine. However, you can easily just add a few things to the menu to compliment the season. For instance, if you are serving warm drinks at the bar you can offer a pumpkin latte. If you have a dessert table you can have mini apple pies or a pumpkin tart. 

Fall Wedding Ideas- The Centerpieces

Fall Wedding Centerpiece Photo Collage, fall wedding ideas, autumn wedding ideas, autumn weddings, fall weddings
Fall Wedding Centerpiece Photo Collage, fall wedding ideas, autumn wedding ideas, autumn weddings, fall weddings

For an autumn wedding, candles are the perfect accents. Having a wreath of berries, foliage, or miniature pumpkins at the bottom of every lantern centerpiece is delightful for fall wedding ideas. Or you could choose to use dark-colored fall flowers to create spectacular looking flower arrangements. 

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