Engagement Party Ideas

You may need some engagement party ideas if you are planning an engagement party for yourself – to announce your own engagement, or if you are throwing one for a couple you know who have recently become engaged. If you are not looking for specific themes but a set of guidelines I have a different article that might be what you are looking for called Your Engagement Party. If you are looking for themes, keep on reading.


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Beach Theme

There are many popular engagement party ideas, and one of the most popular is having a beach themed party. You could either literally have it on the beach or you could just make a home or dining hall look like a beach. You could use a number of different decorations or incorporate different ideas. You could have grass skirts, coconut drinks, lei’s, and seashells. You could decorate with beach pails filled with sand or small items bunched up in various places like seashells, starfish, and sand dollars. You could have centerpieces made to look like sandcastles or get an engagement cake decorated to look sandy or decorated to look like a beach at sunset. You could also stick with the theme and serve roasted pig or sweet and sour pork or any other traditional beach or luau foods you think of.

Your Honeymoon

If you already know where you are going you can have the engagement party theme be of your honeymoon destination. If your honeymoon is Paris you can make your party location look like a French bistro complete with a large French flag hanging prominently in the room. Planning on going on a skiing trip – then you can turn the party into a ski lodge with a fireplace and spiked hot cocoa. Going on a honeymoon cruise? Make the party feel like a cruise ship and have activities available that you will be doing on your cruise.

Fairy Tale

Need more engagement party ideas? Is the upcoming wedding a fairytale come true? How about having the theme be of a fairytale. You can dress as Cinderella and Prince Charming – or any other fairy tale couple you love. You can make your location look like a castle. You can have pretty gold tablecloths, play classical music, and have everything heavily draped in dark rich tones like burgundy. Don’t forget the silver, one wonderfully silver item to use either as centerpieces or to simply decorate the room would be candelabras.

Decade Themes

Not all engagement party ideas are created equal. Some are easier to pull off then others. One way to have a lot of fun with your party theme is to choose a grand idea, pick a decade to center your party around.

Many people pick a decade and base a theme around those wonderful years. A couple of the more popular decades for a party are the 1920’s or the 1950’s. If you choose the 1920’s your theme will probably be the roaring 20’s. To throw a roaring 20’s party you can send invitations to come to your speakeasy. Any alcoholic drinks you serve can be called by different names as alcohol is illegal. You can play music from the 1920’s and if any televisions are available you can show silent films from the era. If the 1950’s is the era you want to use you throw a Sock Hop. Don’t forget the music from the 1950’s, rock and roll is king. Play all the greats; you can even have a dance marathon. Don’t forget the pizza and the ice cream sundae building station. If you like the 1950’s but you’re not sure on the Sock Hop idea try instead the drive in or a soda shop.

There are plenty engagement party ideas out there, hopefully the few we listed above will help you decide what is right for you!

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