Disney Wedding Cakes

Have you ever considered choosing Disney wedding cakes for your wedding? A dream is a wish your heart makes and part of that dream is completing a wedding theme with your very own Disney Wedding Cakes. Disneyland is known to make a dreamer's wish come true. A land that is so magical with whimsical fairies and beautiful princesses. Wedding comes only once, you might as well want to celebrate it with something worth remembering. 


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Every girls, wanted to be a princess. Just like the bride, becoming a simple lady to a beautiful princess is quite exciting. Making the wedding theme like the Disney Princesses needs a lot of preparation and should be completed with the perfect wedding cakes that match your theme. 

Select a theme by choosing your favorite princess. Choose whether you want to be Snow White, Belle, Aurora or the Cinder girl. After choosing your favorite princess, all the motifs and decors will follow. If you do not have any favorite princess, then you might want to choose your favorite color and choose among the colors associated to the princesses. 

If you want your wedding color in yellow, you might want to choose Belle of Beauty and the beast and have you Disney wedding cake in lemon flavored. If you want royal blue, choose Snow White. If you want your wedding in light blue, you can choose Cinderella. 

One of the most interesting among Disney characters is Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty can change her dress because in the story, her fairy god mothers changes the colors of their dress. If you want wedding color and you can't find any princesses associated with the color, pick Sleeping Beauty. Just make sure the Princess Wedding Cakes also matched the celebration. 

Disney Movies has been with us for years and have given us the opportunity to live in a fairy tale through books and parks. Let it be part of your life by making your wedding memorable with Disney wedding themes. From the bridal dress that you will wear to the church decorations and bridal cars that you are going to use, make sure that it will remind you of those days when you dreamt that someday your prince will come. Give your guests a new level of joy through a Disney themed wedding including the Disney Wedding Cakes

Whatever age, Disney had fulfilled everybody's dream. We grew up in the world loving Disney charactersthat always end up living happily ever after. Why not make your wedding a part of the dream and complete it with a stunning Disney Wedding Cake to complete the ceremony. 

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