Cupcake Tiered Wedding Cake

Cupcake Tiered Wedding Cake - Having a cupcake tiered wedding cake instead of a traditional wedding cake at your wedding is a way to show individualism and save some money too! Are wedding cupcakes right for you?


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Cupcake Tiered Wedding Cake - Save Money

Whether you choose to make the cupcakes yourself or you hire a bakery to create these special treats, chances are you will save a lot of money. Of course, if you choose to make them yourself, you will save the most money. Even if a baker makes them for you, it will still cost you less than ordering a traditional wedding cake. If you are looking to cut costs for your wedding choosing the wedding cupcakes could save you hundreds of dollars.

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Cupcake Tiered Wedding Cake - More Variety

Having a cupcake tiered wedding cake allows you to add more variety to your cake table. You will be able to switch up both the flavors of the cupcakes as well as the type of decorations each one has. Of course, if you want them all to be the same that is certainly an option too.

You can easily serve 3 or 4 different flavors. Of course, you can have as many flavors as you like. Many brides and grooms choose to have a different flavor for each tier or pair of tiers.

For the decorations of your cupcake tiered wedding cake, you can choose to either have all the same designs, similar designs, or drastically different designs. You could choose to decorate each flavor differently, using different colored frostings and topped with different candies.

Some popular cupcake toppings include chocolate pieces (like M&M's), chocolate chips, Hershey kisses, shaved chocolate, mini truffles, colored sugar, sugar pearls, and flower petals. Instead of using extra chocolate on the top, you might want to use the frosting itself as the topping. You can create your cupcake tiered wedding cake to look like each individual treat is a flower or a heart. Or perhaps you want to use candy or frosting to create your monogram on the cupcakes.

Cupcake Tiered Wedding Cake – Presentation

It is not difficult to have a beautiful presentation of your cupcake tiered wedding cake. They make beautiful cupcake stands that will allow you to display your beautifully decorated cupcakes predominately at your wedding. When serving the cupcakes be sure to ask the staff at your wedding reception for suggestions on how to dress them up on the plate.

They may tell you to put them on drizzled chocolate or perhaps to garnish the plate with a flower or leaves, depending on the season of your wedding.

Of course, the cake table itself can be decorated as well. You may add flowers or fruit to the table to accentuate the beauty of the cupcakes. This is an especially good idea if your cupcakes are decorated to look like or symbolize something else.

For instance, if the cupcakes are decorated to look like various flowers you may want a bouquet on the table with those flowers or you may choose to scatter flower petals on the cake table instead.

Cupcake Tiered Wedding Cake - Be Able To Give More With Cupcakes

If you want to give a little something more to your guests, with cupcakes it is certainly possible to give some to take home. Consider buying individual cupcake boxes to give to your guests. This way each of your guests will be able to receive a treat to take home with them.

With cupcakes, you should know how many guests you have and you will be able to double that amount to give each guest one during cake and one to take home with them.

Cupcake Tiered Wedding Cake – Suggestions

If you are going to bake the cupcakes yourself, find some recipes well before the wedding and try them out. Experiment on how they turn out, how they taste (to you and others), how easily they can be decorated, and how long you can make them ahead of time.

Having a cupcake tiered wedding cake is a nice idea, but some brides and grooms won't miss cutting the cake or having a cake topper. If this is a problem for you we suggest that you make a small 8 or 9 inch round cake as the top tier so you can place a cake topper on it and so you can still buy a nice wedding cake set and have the same experience of cutting the cake as brides and grooms with traditional wedding cakes.

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