Cup cake Wedding Cakes

Cup cake wedding cakes are becoming more popular nowadays because of their unique presentation and fashionable style. And not only that, cupcake wedding cakes are a lot cheaper than the traditional wedding cakes available.


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There are so many advantages to having a cup cake wedding cake at your wedding. As mentioned above, it is not as expensive as the traditional wedding cake. And if you want to save a bit more, you can prepare the cupcakes by yourself and have them decorated according to your own preference. By doing this, you'll not only save money, but you'll be able to craft your cake the way you plan it.

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You have so many selections to choose from when it comes to decorating your own cup cake wedding cakes Examples are frosting and icing in different colors; if you want something that is fresh-looking, opt for slices of fruits or adorn it with tiny beautiful flowers that match your wedding bouquet.

Because of having a lot of choices with regards to decorating your cupcake wedding cake, you're also having many colors to choose from; pastel and bright colors would be perfect if you're getting married during the summer and spring season. Having variations in colors will definitely make your wedding cake the center of attention at your wedding reception.

Unlike the traditional wedding cake, cup cake wedding cakes can have different flavors because it is individually packed. You are not limited to a single flavor and you can have as many flavors as you want. You can have something basic such as vanilla or chocolate or choose other flavors such as mocha, lemon, pumpkin, green tea – the flavors are endless.

You can also change the size of your cupcake, have it smaller or bigger than the usual size. You can have it in layers just like a three-tiered wedding cake or more. And for the cake slicing part, bake a small cake that you can place on the topmost layer of your cupcake wedding cake.

If you'll be hiring a baker to do the task, it won't be hard for them to carry it and move it to the wedding reception, unlike a multi-layer cake. You can assemble it on the wedding cake table without worrying about mishandling the small cakes.

And if you're really on a tight budget, you can make your cupcake wedding cakes as your wedding favors. Just pack it in a customized box after the wedding party and give it to your guests, they will surely be happy to take home your sweet and tasteful cupcakes.

Many couples are finding ways on how they can save their hard-earned money without sacrificing their dream weddings. Having cupcake wedding cakes will surely give them what they are asking for; an affordable wedding cake with a great appearance and taste that will definitely make their guests asking for more.

If you are not completely sure about having cupcakes you can always compromise and have cupcakes in addition to a more traditional wedding cake or skip the cake altogether and have cupcakes as the centerpiece of a whole modern dessert table. 

The possibilities of a dessert table or a dessert bar are really endless for your wedding. You can make the bar or table related to your theme or wedding colors, create different flavor stations or different sections based on different types of desserts. You can choose to make cupcakes the centerpiece or just another choice for your guests to have cupcakes be one of the many treats you are providing.

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