Fabulous Christmas Wedding Ideas

Christmas Weddings are great and coming up with Christmas Wedding Ideas can be a lot of fun. You can either have a wedding during the Christmas season that specifically marries the wedding and the holiday together or just a wedding during the season. If you want a black and white affair you probably are not going to try to use the theme and this is perfectly fine! However, if you are getting married during this season and you want to use Christmas elements in your wedding ceremony or reception, it is time to come up with some fabulous Christmas Wedding Ideas! So let's get started!


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Christmas Wedding Ideas – The Color Scheme

The first place you are going to want to start is to decide which colors you want to use. In most cases when you have a color scheme you will have a primary color, a secondary color, and in some cases, accent colors as well.

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Obviously, your color scheme is up to you, but most Christmas weddings have to use the colors red, green, white, ice blue, silver, and gold.

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Red and green are typical Christmas colors. White and Ice blue are used a lot to depict the typical weather of the season. Silver and Gold are oftentimes also used to add some accent colors. For instance, many people use ornaments and other decorations in silver and gold at this time of the year, that is why these colors can blend into the Christmas atmosphere so easily.

So to choose the color scheme you are going to want to look at the list of colors and decide whether or not you like them all or if there are only a few you really want to use. Once you narrow down your choices you will want to pick out the primary and secondary colors. 

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Typically the primary color could be utilized for bridesmaid dress color, the color of the bouquets as well as other floral decorations and other decorations and quite possible the stationery color as well. So keep this in mind when picking the color you want as the primary wedding color and make sure you can picture your wedding is decorated in shades of that color!

Christmas Wedding Ideas – The Ceremony and Reception Site

If you want to go all out on a Christmas Wedding Theme, you really need to talk to the potential (or already contracted) choose sites for both the ceremony and reception. 

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The first thing you will want to find out is how they usually have the location decorated during the time frame your wedding will be held. Some places like reception halls may not decorate with a Christmas tree, because not all people would want that as part of their wedding. So start by inquiring what the typical decorations already on display will be and ask if they have any photos from previous years.

Next, ask if they have any extra type of decorations available (which they may for an extra fee). Go through their list of decorations or decor catalog and determine if there is anything else you will want to utilize.

Finally, find out what you are allowed to bring in and even more important if there is a list of things they do not allow on their property. For instance, you may want to use things like Christmas trees, icicle lighting, or garland hanging from the ceiling or fake snow. It is important to know what you can and can not bring in if there are any size restrictions and when you can do the setup.

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You may not be able to do the setup until the day of your wedding due to other parties booked the day before or perhaps they need to set an alarm nightly and the combination of hanging decorations and the heating system could make them sway or move which will set off the alarm. It is always better to ask now instead of being upset later after you have the perfect picture in your mind that you can not create due to rules and restrictions.

Christmas Wedding Ideas – The Apparel

Your wedding apparel is a great place to insert some colors. Some of the places you can easily do this are the bridesmaid's dresses, bridesmaids shoes, and the groom and groomsmen vests. You can also do this with your own wedding dress by wearing a fully colored wedding dress, besides white or choosing one with a splash of color on it. You could utilize sashes, jackets, or wraps as well.

Christmas Wedding Ideas – The Flowers

Of course, the flowers are a great place to insert the color scheme. It is pretty easy to only choose red or green flowers for instance and it is even easier to add white flowers as an accent color.

Wedding flowers would include bouquets, centerpiece, arrangements, corsages, and boutonnieres.

Christmas Wedding Ideas – Other Decorations

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How you choose to decorate is up to you, the look and feel you are looking for and how little or how much you want to bring the Christmas feel into the wedding. You can use Christmas Trees, hanging ornaments, holly, garland, twinkle lights, mistletoe, and more. You can stick to your wedding colors mostly or pick and choose places to go outside your beautiful color scheme.

Christmas Wedding Ideas – The Stationery

The wedding stationery is the place where most of your guests will get their first feel of your wedding. If you are planning on having a winter wonderland or a Christmas celebration – this is the place to show your guests. Choose colors and themes that will let them know what your wedding will be like.

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