Blue Bridesmaid Dresses - Shopping For The Perfect Gown

Are you shopping for blue bridesmaid dresses for your wedding party to wear? If blue is your wedding color you know that you have a wide variety of shades to choose from. With that being said we found a variety of blue gowns in different shades, styles and by different designers - hopefully this will make your bridesmaid dress shopping go just a little bit easier!


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Blue Bridesmaid Dresses - Choosing Your Wedding Colors

The first way someone usually chooses the color of the bridesmaid dress is the wedding colors that will be displayed throughout the day. If you have not already chosen the colors, finding the perfect bridesmaid dress could be the way you choose. If you know blue is your main wedding color, the next question you should have is whether it is just the color blue or a specific shade of blue.

If you have not narrowed down your color choice to a specific shade, now is the time. You can choose the bridesmaid dresses and then get color swatches to match the rest of the decorations and flowers you will use. If you cannot choose one shade, you can always go modern with your bridesmaid dresses and have them wear the same or similar dress in different shades.

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses - Choosing By Style

Do you already know you want it to be blue and a specific style? You can narrow down your shopping experience if you already know what you do want or sometimes even more important, what you do not want. If there is a certain style you just can not see yourself allowing your bridesmaids to represent your wedding in, you know which styles are off the list. Knowing the style you envision your girls in will certainly help you find the perfect dresses quicker. Still not sure? Read on and we will showcase different styles that you might enjoy!

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses - Short and Fun

Are you looking for a modern bridesmaid dress? Long dresses are nice but maybe they do not belong at your wedding. There are plenty of shorter bridesmaid dresses on the market today. You can find them in all lengths from tea length to above the knee. It is really up to you how short you want to go and what elements you might want to include. You could choose to have tulle or lace to add a more bridal feel to them, or choose something a little more romantic like a flare skirt or more sexy like a mini form fitting dress. The options are out there.

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses - The Hi Low Dress

Asymmetrical dresses are quite stunning and pretty modern. This fashion trend has been around forever, but it is one that keeps popping back up due to its beauty and stunning nature. It first came up in Victorian times when it was known as the fishtail. Since then ever few decades it would make another appearance and wow another generation. Some people love it and others do not, but because of its long history we can not call this a modern style, it is as traditional as they come. 

If you are having a wedding with Victorian theming or even the 1920's or 1930's it would be perfect. Of course you do not need a specific theme to use this dress style as it is still quite popular today!

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses - Off The Shoulder

Whether you want a long dress or a shorter one, there are some fashion trends that can be used with any length. One of these trends would be bare shoulders. Bare shoulders look great, especially when they are on the whole bridal party. 

One great combination is bare shoulders and the bridesmaids having their hair up. This will accentuate any jewelry or other accents they wear, the dress itself and their makeup choices. It you like the idea but you are not quite sure there are many things you can do with this. You can go full out bare shoulders with a sweetheart style gown, you can have the same affect with side sleeves below the shoulders, you can have spaghetti straps or even choose styles like slightly off the shoulder or a one shoulder gown. Also – you could use cardigans or wraps so the shoulders are bare sometimes but not the whole time.

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses - Long and Traditional

Do you love the above dresses but still looking for something a little more traditional for your wedding day? That is fine – modern is not for everyone. When selecting everything for your wedding you should not only think about what you want your day to be like, but also you may want to consider your bridal album. How will your choices hold up as the years pass? Will something you choose as modern and in the now today turn into something dated as the years go by? Is that even a concern you have?

Whether you are concerned with what your wedding will be like looking back on it or your just have a certain picture in your mind of what is traditional you might want to choose a longer gown. That is fine, do not worry the majority of the gowns on the market today are more traditional and long than modern and different.

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses - Ask The Bridesmaids

Finally the last option for the style might not have anything to do with what you like at all, but what the bridesmaids want to wear! Although bridesmaid dresses are certainly not ugly anymore (well at least not most of them) but with so many different styles it is hard to choose the right one. The bigger your party is, the more difficulty you may encounter. Remember that with different skin tones, body types and hair colors some dress colors and dress styles do not look the same on different people. With that being said, why not allow your bridesmaids to choose or at least give suggestions. You never know – they might surprise you by picking out the perfect gown!

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