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Are you considering black bridesmaid dresses for your wedding? Don't be shy! There is nothing wrong with the color black and there are many reason people are choosing this as a wedding color more and more. Learn more about this choice and find out if it is right for you and your wedding.


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Black Bridesmaid Dresses - Is It For You?

First of all let's dispel the myth that all your wedding colors and decorations must be bright or pastels. Do you live your life that way? Look at your wardrobe, look at your home and look at the accessories you wear and the devices you carry. Have you chosen a never ending stream of pastel colors to express yourself in life? If you have, then maybe black bridesmaid gowns are not for you. If not, keep reading!

How do you relate to the color black? Some people, mostly wedding traditionalists will say black as a color for the wedding or the attire outside of the groom and groomsmen is depressive, drab or even inappropriate. However, is that how you feel? I will give you a minute – think about using black wedding decorations or black bridesmaid gowns. What do you think?

Black Bridesmaid Dresses - Reasons This is a Great Idea

I think a better way to look at the color black and weddings include words like elegant, classy, and beautiful. When you specifically look at the color black for bridesmaid dresses there are reasons to seriously consider it. For one thing, everyone looks good in black. Whether you only have a few bridesmaids or a dozen one of the things you should consider is that all colors do not look great on all people. Things like skin tone, body type and hair color can dramatically affect the way a dress looks from one person to another. If you choose pastels or other light colors, this could be an issue. When you choose black, the dress should look good on everyone. 

Another thing to think about is how the color of the bridesmaid dresses will go with the rest of the wedding. If you choose a peach, a lilac or a soft green, how will that look in the setting of the ceremony, the setting of the reception and everything in between? The color black will certainly not clash with anything and it will allow you to have more freedom in choosing decorations and flowers as everything will go with it just fine.

Black Bridesmaid Dresses - Who is This Wedding For Anyways?

At the end of the day it is your wedding and your choice. This is something you should keep in mind throughout the whole planning process. I am mentioning here again because although black is a great modern choice, and one that has been gaining popularity for a long time, not everyone will love it like you do! However if you have started planning your wedding at all you will probably realize this is true on many things. You need to decide what choices are most important to you and make a decision.

It is your wedding and if you envision your bridesmaids in fabulous black gowns, than I think that is the way to go, just understand not everyone is as forward thinking as you are.

Black Bridesmaid Dresses - Make Your Party Happy

Although the wedding colors are your choice, you might want to consider how the bridesmaids will feel about their dresses. Many brides choose the bridesmaid dress colors without ever considering the bridesmaids. With a black bridesmaid dress, you can be assured your bridesmaids will feel comfortable and will not have a dress they really dislike on all day and night, not to mention in all the photos.

Black Bridesmaid Dresses - Styles and Choices

As with any other type of bridesmaid dress, there will be many styles and choices available. You can choose to go short or long or somewhere in between. You can go sheer or not, you can choose a belt or other accessories in other colors to add a splash of another color in. You can get a black dress accented with other colors while still having black as the main color. 

You can choose all the same dress, or you can mix and match different dress designs. There are many black bridesmaid gowns on the market for you to choose from! 

Not sure exactly what you want yet? Get inspiration here, at shops and of course from your wedding party. Allow them to voice their opinions and let you know what kind of black bridesmaid dress they envision themselves in!

We have chosen some of our favorite styles to display on this page – this is a mere selection of what is available out there, but it is a place to get started! I hope we have helped you to make your decision and that you find what you are looking for. 

Other Black Bridesmaid Dresses We Love


If you like the style but not the color, they often have many color and sizes available for the same design - if you click on the photo / caption you can check out what other selections are available.

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