Backyard Wedding Decorations Ideas

Are you looking for backyard wedding decorations ideas? Planning a backyard wedding can be a lot of fun, but it can be challenging as well. It is fun because having the wedding in a nontraditional setting can bring a lot of charm to the day. However, many times it is easier to decorate for a wedding which is indoors, with flat floors and surfaces and no possible weather concerns.


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When you are coming up with backyard wedding decorations the first thing you should do is work with what you already have. If you know the location of the wedding in months or more in advance you should easily be able to plan your decorations out. Here are some backyard wedding decorations tips for both the wedding ceremony and the reception.

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Prepare The Location

You should try to think this out as far in advance as possible. For instance if you know for months or years in advance you can plan the wedding when the trees and flowers already present will be in bloom. Starting with a blank canvas? Decide what types of plants and flowers you will like at the time of your wedding and plant them in time for them to bloom for your day.

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Separate The Two Events

If you are having both the ceremony and the reception in the same outdoor location, make the two events as separate as possible. A common idea would be to set up as alter and chairs on one side and a rented tent on the other side for the reception.

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The Ceremony Site

The front of the ceremony site should be an alter. This can be decorated with a number of items such as tulle, candles, flowers and greenery. A wedding arch adds a nice touch. You can decorate this is tulle or choose to use flowers of the same color that are in the bouquets and flower arrangements or which match the rest of the flowers and plants in the outdoor space which you are being married in.

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Guest Seating

Now you need to come up with backyard wedding decorations for the rest of the wedding ceremony area. Typically outdoor weddings use white chairs. You can use chairs that are painted white or use white chair covers. Chair covers are nice because they usually have other decorative touches like lace or bows with them.

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Besides the seat covers you can use bows at the end of the aisles or flower arrangements. For a more down home look you might want to place potted plants or flower urns at the end of each aisle. Of course you should also be utilizing a nice aisle runner as well. If you do not want to use an aisle runner, consider scattering flower petals where the aisle runner would go.

The Reception Site

Consider renting a large tent to cover the reception area. You may also want to use something decorate to separate the two. For instance if you erect a temporary fence for the occasion, hang garland, twinkle lights or flowers on the fence.

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Ideas For The Reception

Since this is a backyard wedding and not a traditional one, you should not feel pressured to serve traditional wedding food. Backyard barbeques and finger food are popular for these types of weddings. Let the season give you ideas.

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