Fabulous Wedding Decor Ideas

Are you looking for wedding decor ideas? Planning your dream wedding can be many things - sometimes overwhelming is one of those things. Of course it can also be fun, creating your wedding with your ideas and personal style can be very rewarding. Modern weddings have a lot of variety, there are many things you can do with decorations, apparel, centerpieces and your wedding cake. Now is the time for you to come up with wedding decoration ideas for your ceremony and reception.


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Wedding Decor Ideas - The Wedding Ceremony

There are many different things you can do to personalize your wedding ceremony. There are many different wedding decoration ideas out there. Some wedding decor ideas include decorating the pews (or seating), the entryway, and the altar. You can decorate the entryway with a wedding archway which you can decorate with balloons, flowers, vines and beads. If you do not want to use a traditional archway you can just decorate the door frame - it is a good idea to decorate both sides though as your guests will be entering and exiting the same way!

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The pews or chairs can be decorated with bows or flowers at the end of each row. If you are having chairs instead of pews you can cover them with tulle or other soft fabrics for the extra grand effect. You could either use white material which is the common color at all weddings, or you could use your main wedding colors.

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Finally it is time to come up with wedding decor ideas for the altar. Much of the attention will be at the altar, where the two of you will become husband and wife. There are many things you can do in this area of the wedding ceremony site. You can use unity candles, sand ceremony kits, flower arrangements and wedding arches to make this area come alive with color and beauty. You can match the flower arrangements to your wedding colors and other bouquets.

Wedding Decor Ideas - The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception has many places were fabulous wedding décor ideas will come into play. Now is the time to come up with ideas for your wedding decorations, wedding centerpieces, the head table and the wedding cake.

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Wedding decorations can be many things. You can add flower arrangements throughout the wedding reception location (including reusing the ones from the ceremony); you can use ice sculptures, photo collages, or balloons. You might add extra details to the tables, table clothes and accessories you use. For instance you might want to use white table clothes trimmed in your wedding colors, or utilize napkins and plates specifically designed for your wedding. You can have specialty drink stirrers at the bar, have song request sheets made up for your DJ area or do a number of things to make the reception more personal for you and your guests.

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When you are coming up with wedding decor ideas you cannot forget the head table. The head table, just like the wedding altar, needs to be paid special attention to as this is where many of your guests attention will be focused during the reception. Some common ways to decorate the head table include candelabras, using garland or vines draped across the length of the table, using smaller centerpieces, flower arrangements or candles throughout the table as well as using large candles or centerpieces on floor stands at either end or behind the head table.

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Wedding decor ideas for centerpieces is also pretty crucial considering that most couples have centerpieces at every guest table. The first thing you need to think about is the size of the centerpiece itself, as they do can in a wide range of sizes. You can have them small, medium or very large - usually meaning tall. If the centerpieces you use are tall it is a good idea to use something see through or with a small stem or base so guests sitting across the table from one another can see each other and talk. Centerpieces come in a variety of designs from simple flower arrangements or candles, to combinations of the two or using other elements such as mirrors, flower petals, water or glitter.

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Finally, the cake table can be a great source of wedding decorations and beauty. Wedding cakes can be quite elaborate today, so keep that in mind when coming up with wedding décor ideas. If you are looking for yet another place to create great wedding photography most brides and grooms do not need to look further than the cake or dessert table. Wedding cakes can come in any color and be basic to have intricate designs and decorating elements. You can also use items like flowers and flower petals to have the cake look even more appealing. On top of the actual cake you can use interesting cake toppers or wedding cake jewelry to make a bigger statement.

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Still looking for wedding decor ideas for your cake table? Well you have not decorated the table itself. Decorating the table can include using a special table cloth, artfully dropping flower petals on the table, having a special and unique flower arrangement or centerpiece there or using glitter or beads as decorations as well.

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