Winter Wedding Themes

Winter wedding themes can make a wedding more festive. If you are marrying in the winter months have you considered attaching a theme to your wedding? Themes can be present throughout the wedding touching every aspect and detail of your wedding or you can choose to showcase themed items in just a few areas such as the wedding cake, the favors, or the ceremony decorations. Either way, here are a few themes you might want to consider.


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Winter Wedding Themes - Winter Wonderland

Winter wedding themes have a lot of variety. Why not play up all of the beauty of the season in your wedding by showing your guests a winter wonderland? Want a winter wonderland ceremony or reception but do not know where to start? How about with colors such as white, silver and midnight blue – as there is nothing as beautiful as fresh, large snowflakes drifting to the ground at night. 

You can use things such as crystals and snowflake ornaments to spice up the reception décor. The cake could be all white with light blue snowflakes. Want to go bigger? How about an ice sculpture of a snowman or a snow angel?

Want to use something other than snowflakes? For the favors, you can give out Christmas ornaments or favors shaped like or decorated with snowmen, snow angels, candy canes, sleds, skis, or ice skates.

Another idea is to offer hot chocolate at the bar and ask for a signature winter drink to be created for the reception; there are a lot of different liquors that scream winter, especially anything with peppermint in them.

Winter Wedding Themes - Snowflakes

There are certainly many wonderful winter wedding themes, but snowflakes are a favorite for many people. Snowflakes are timeless. There are beautiful and always make a splendid decoration, whether you are decorating specifically for a holiday like Christmas or Yule or if you are decorating for the season.

Winter Wedding Themes, winter wedding cake, snowflake wedding cake

How can you incorporate snowflakes into your wedding? You could wear or have the bridal party wear snowflake-shaped jewelry. At the reception, you could have snowflake cutoff cookies. The favors could be votive candle holders decorated with snowflakes or snowflake note pads or photo albums. 

Snowflakes can be incorporated into just about anything including the aisle runner, the table cloths, and the design on the napkins, invitations, wedding programs or thank you cards. The sky is the limit.

Winter Wedding Themes - Christmas

If you are getting married very close to Christmas you could have a Christmas themed wedding. After all, Christmas is the major holiday that most people think about when they think about wintertime. For many people, Christmas is the perfect winter wedding theme. 

To incorporate a Christmas theme you could have mini decorated Christmas trees as the centerpieces, poinsettias could be used in the bouquets or flower arrangements, and you could use holly or mistletoe to decorate the ceremony or reception site.

The favors you give could be Christmas Ornaments. If you choose not to use small Christmas trees as centerpieces you could instead use a candy bowl with peppermints and candy canes or a cookie dish with cutout sugar cookies and other holiday favorites, you could even use personal family recipes.

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