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The Wedding Sand Ceremony Step-by-step Guide

The Wedding Sand Ceremony is becoming popular these days as an alternative to the Unity Candle. In Beach Weddings, they would toss the sand together in the wind. The grains were of course very hard to separate when it combines. It symbolizes the union of the couple's lives from this day forward to eternity. It is an interesting sight to behold.

The Wedding Sand Ceremony is known for its beauty and sanctity. As the sand captures the meaning of their union, unlike unity candles, the sand can be kept as a lasting keepsake. If you want to incorporate the Wedding Sand Ceremony in your wedding, then here are some step-by step guides to make it more romantic and meaningful.

First, you need to find a suitable vase where the sands will be placed. Choose a different colored sand, you can choose the two-colored ceremonial design that represent the union of the two family, a three-colored design to where the base color represents the family and the other two colors is the bride and the groom or four-colored where the two colors represents the family and the other two colors represents the couple. It is best to practice the pouring of the sand in the vase to acquire a good design before the wedding. Keep in mind that whatever design created in the actual Wedding Sand Ceremony is permanent and cannot be changed.

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The Wedding Sand Ceremony can be put in a table designed with different crafts aligned to the wedding theme. Design the colored sand in the table. As much as possible, elevate the vase for the people to see the designs created with the sand.

You can choose from different quotations available. To add some personal touch, you may also recite your wedding vows during the Wedding Sand Ceremony. You can also research something special about each family and highlight their special characteristics and explain the meaning of each pouring of the sand while music is played on the background.

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Why not invite other family members to pour sand in the while making their wishes for the couple. Finish it by pouring your sand and your mate's to create the finishing touches. You have been practicing to pour sand before the wedding day. You have mastered this before the big day so you can create designs with your own preference leave at least a half inch to seal the vase with the gel candle.

The Wedding Sand Ceremony may be performed in different ways but the symbol of eternal union represented by the sand will never be changed.

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Love Sand Ceremony Set

Love Sand Ceremony Set

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This sand set is a nice alternative to a unity candle and is well suited for outdoor ceremonies. As you take turns pouring a portion of sand into the central jar you symbolize your union as one and then after the ceremony, simply place the cover on the jar and display as a keepsake. This set includes a 4.75" tall center jar with cover and two tall side vases. Choose from a variety of sand colors, sold separately to complete your unity ceremony.

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Colored Sand

Colored Sand

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Symbolic sand ceremony blends two lives into one. As you pour sands that represent each of you together into one large cylinder (available under 148-2801), you create a keepsake that symbolizes joining your lives.

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Personalized Sand Unity Vase Set

Personalized Sand Unity Vase Set

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This sand ceremony is an excellent option for the beach, outdoor ceremony or destination wedding. You choose your favorite design to be printed on the center vase, and add your names and wedding date to personalize. Set includes a 7 1/2" x 3 1/2" center vase and two side vases. Sand is available separately.

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Double Hearts Sand Ceremony Kit

Double Hearts Sand Ceremony Kit

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More practical than candles for an outdoor wedding, this sand kit symbolizes two lives becoming one in commitment as each of you pours a portion of sand into the central vase. Kit includes a 9" x 3" cylinder with a white linked hearts imprint and three 7.5 x 1.75" cylinders. The third vase may be used by your officiant to begin the ceremony or could be used by a child in a family ceremony. The center vase is also available engraved with your names and wedding date. Colored sand is also available.

This item is available from our shopping partner, My Spiritual Wedding.

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