Wedding Dresses With Color

Consider Beautiful Colored Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses with color are seen more and more in weddings everyday. Gone are the days when brides only wore a flowing virgin white gown, these days the bride has the option to choose whatever she likes. Are you shopping for your gown or getting ready to? You can still get lovely white wedding gowns, but you can also buy numerous other styles such as gothic, medieval, white with hints of other colors, and colored wedding dresses. These dresses can still be long, tea length, or even short. The world of wedding dresses has changed, and now there really is nothing that is taboo or shocking. 

So you want a wedding gown that is not white, but you are unsure of where to start. Maybe you would like wedding dresses with color but you are unsure of how colorful it can be. Even though the wedding day is all about you it is certainly true that many choices are based upon what are friends and family will like or approve of. Well the good news is wedding dresses with color come in many varieties, which means you should be able to find something you adore whether you only want a splash of color or if they want bright or bold colored wedding dresses. 

Looking for color, but just a splash? That is fine. Many brides still want to wear white but they choose to wear a dress which has a bit of color to it as well. If you are looking for just a bit of color look for dresses with color that feature sashes, bows, color on the hemlines, or colored embroidery. Choosing a dress where colors accentuate the beauty instead of steal the show is one way to add a little bit of color but still walk down the aisle in white. 

If you are not on the fence at all and you have decided that you without a doubt do not want to be married in white or even off white or cream, then choose from the many colored wedding dresses out there. Whether you are looking for a certain style or you just want it to be a certain color, it is not only available (and gorgeous) it is also becoming more and more accepted. The wedding day is about you and whether you feel beautiful in white or one of the colors of the rainbow you can rejoice, and start shopping! 

The color choices seem endless, don’t they? Many brides are going pastel, especially those who are marrying in the spring. Light pastel colors of pink, blue, yellow and green are especially popular. Like those color choices, but not the pastels? That is fine too; wedding dresses with color are available in a wide range of colors from light pastels to brightest and boldest. You can use your dress to match your wedding colors, celebrate your favorite color, show off the colors of the season you are marrying in or choose it just because it is the most fabulous wedding gown you have even seen. 

I must caution you though, no matter how fabulous the dress is or how gorgeous you look in it, not every wedding guest will love your choice. You may love the idea of wearing wedding dresses with color - but not everyone will share your vision! Of course as an independent woman you will get over that rather quickly, however, you should still be forewarned that some people will not love your independence and feel that you should be standing at the altar in white. It may even be the people who are closest to you, such as your mother or grandmother, may be the ones who are the most upset. Think about it, since you were a little girl they have been dreaming of the day when they would watch you walk down the aisle in a white dress. If you think people closest to you may disapprove, or worse, feel hurt by your choice, you should make a point to talk to them about your dress, why you love it and why you are choosing to go against traditional white. 

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