A Three Stone Engagement Ring That Lasts a Lifetime

Are you looking for the perfect Three Stone Engagement Ring? Do you know that it only take a second to capture a memory that will last for a lifetime? When you are sure that you have found the right person you want to spend your whole life with, it will only take 4 words in a second to find out. And, it only takes a three stone engagement ring to remember that second in your life. 

An engagement ring is one of the most important jewelry for women. They are of great value not because of its amount but because of the precious memory associated with the ring. There are times when their future bride accompanies the groom to look for the perfect ring, especially if the woman is very particular with fashion and jewels. 

The metal rings come in three popular types. The traditional yellow gold band can be considered as classic. Yellow gold never goes out of style but sometimes, yellow gold overpower the diamonds even it is a three stone engagement ring. Diamonds are best complemented with a bit silvery in color. You can choose white gold for three stone engagement rings accented with diamonds. 

Actually, the white gold can best complement any stones because of its shade; therefore, precious stones other than diamonds will be best for three stone engagement rings using this type of gold. If you like to make something unique among gold shades, then you might want to try the rosy gold that appears with a shade of a bit pink. Make it more feminine by enhancing the diamond in the center with sapphires on its sides to complete your three stone engagement rings. 

Yellow gold is easier to maintain compared to white gold. White gold needs regular cleaning to maintain its sparkles unlike yellow gold. The most expensive metal band that is also gaining popularity nowadays is platinum. Platinum is considered the hardest metal. Its popularity increases over the years because the metal never tarnishes. The luster of these precious metals will never fade over the years. Platinum is hypo allergenic, so if you plan to make a surprise proposal to your bride to be, you do not need to worry about her sensitive skin if you give her a three stone engagement ring with platinum metal. 

The three stone engagement ring can be of different styles depending on the preference of the wearer. One of the advantages of this type of engagement ring is that it allows you to complement patterns, hues and colors of the stones. You can put some meaning on each stones or personalize it with birthstones and diamonds. 

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