The Illusion of Tension Engagement Rings

Are you looking for info and photos on Tension Engagement Rings? Well you came to the right place! The Wedding is a type of occasion where your creative ideas can be showcased in many different ways. You may have been planning the most romantic way to give your girlfriend a surprise proposal and had been hunting for the perfect place to propose. Another thing that you should be thinking about is finding the perfect tension engagement ring that will surely fit her and will drive her heart to say that sweet "YES". 

Have you tried going to her apartment and observed how it was arranged? Minimalist women prefer to have little furniture in their apartment to make it spacious. It gives an illusion of having living in spacious houses even if it is not. A tension engagement ring is a minimalist design that gives you an illusion of floating stones. Prongs that hold the rings are pretty much common for ring but having a tension engagement ring is quite unique and extraordinary. 

The classic tension engagement rings first seen in late 1960s, uses metals that are specially treated to hold the stones of the rings. Since then, the design of this type of ring is considered as classic. Aside from the diamond stones that are common to engagement rings, different stones can be used. Tension engagement rings have tensile strength of about 65-95 pounds to make sure that the stone is securely attached to the ring. Many are in doubt if these tension rings can last a lifetime to hold the diamond rings, with such tensile strength, couples should not worry that the stone will fall. 

Many thought that tension engagement rings have identical designs. The tensions of the rings can also differ depending on the design. Others would prefer angled design than the perpendicular ones because it is more secure. 

Although metals bands can come in different variety, gold is still the most common choice. Its different shades make it more popular as it can best for different types of stone colors rather than diamonds. White gold has the same stunning shades of platinum and sterling although it is much cheaper compared to platinum and sterling. Rosy gold with a shade of pink can bring out the feminine touch of the metal and is suited for your future bride. 

Tension diamond rings are not sizable. Engravings are also not recommended as it may weaken the tensile strength. Tension rings do not use prongs and rely on the tension that the ring creates. Couple who would want this type of ring should consider the advantages before deciding to get a tension engagement ring. 

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