Spring Wedding Dresses

Are you looking for spring wedding dresses for your wedding? Every bride is different and has different tastes and needs for her wedding day. However many brides like to match the seasons to their weddings including the clothes the wear as well as the way they decorate the wedding itself. 

Spring Wedding Dresses - Floral and Jewel Embellished Dresses

Wedding dresses with embellishments are popular. If you are the picture perfect feminine bride you may want to look for a wedding dress which includes floral embellishments. Floral embellishments can add a lot to the look of the dress, especially if the wedding occurs in the springtime. They can highlight how the flowers are beginning to bloom and the world outside is once again full of the colors of nature and beauty. 

If you want to add embellishments but you would rather sparkle, why not choose a dress which adds jewel and crystal embellishments instead? Crystal embellishments are a beautiful touch to any wedding dress you may choose! They add beauty and sparkle, they can transform a simple gown to a stunning one are be the finishing touch on an already gorgeous spring wedding dress. 

Spring Wedding Dresses - Soft Fabrics That Create The Ultimate Romantic Gown

When thinking of spring wedding gowns, one of the most popular trends is using soft fabrics in the dress itself. Some fabrics that you may consider include Chiffon, organza, or silk. These light and airy fabrics are a celebration of the fact that the weather is finally breaking and it is time to change the way we dress and celebrate. 

Spring Wedding Dresses - Adding Some Color

Besides choosing to use lighter fabrics, you may also wish to add some color. Colored wedding dresses are gaining in popularity, whether you are choosing to just add a splash or to use a main color that is simply not white. It is your wedding after all, you can wear whatever you choose to wear. 

If you are adding color to a white dress you can do so easily in the hemlines, using a sash or having colors on the dress or colored beads. Of course you may want a different colored dress all together. If your motto is think spring some appropriate colors would be light pastels of pink, yellow, blue, green or purple. 

Spring Wedding Dresses - Choosing The Short Wedding Gown

Another option for spring wedding gowns is choosing a shorter hemline. You may want the hemline to be shortened by an inch or two or several inches, again the choice is up to you. Short wedding dresses are popular, especially later in the year for destination and beach weddings, but they can like nice at spring time weddings as well. 

Short wedding dresses do have their advantages. You will not have to worry about tripping on hemlines or trains, it will be much easier to move, walk and dance in these types of dresses. Of course, having a shorter hemline will give you an excuse to buy a fabulous pair of shoes, as the shoes will be much more visable and you will be able to show them off a great deal more! 

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