Sparta Greece

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The main town of Laconia is Sparta Greece. Formerly a military state, this ancient city is now home to many interesting Greece attractions that draw thousands of tourists each year. Sparta's climate of hot summers and mild winters makes it an appealing destination to its visitors. Plus, its temples and ruins make for an unforgettable history lesson firsthand. So, keep reading to learn a little bit more about some of Sparta's main attractions. 

Sparta Greece: Geraki Castle

Greece attractions that are famous in the city of Sparta include the Geraki Castle. This amazing castle is an ancient construction that has been preserved beautifully. Its structure includes a three-aisled basilica. The Geraki Castle possesses spectacular interiors with wonderful mosaic columns as well as photographs of different Greek leaders. This breath-taking castle attracts visitors from both near and far each year to celebrate the feast day of St. George, the church's patron. It is definitely a stop to make when visiting Sparta. 

Sparta Greece: Acropolis

Looking for more attractions in Sparta Greece? Among the most interesting Greece attractions you will find is the Acropolis. This beautiful archaeological site features several ruins including those of a huge theatre, an ancient Greek stadium as well as a sanctuary. The Acropolis is also well preserved. Part of this archaeological site has been turned into a park so visitors and tourists can spend the day admiring the ruins as well as the scenery. Tourists from every part of the world flock to the Acropolis to admire ruins and magnificent views of Greece. 

Sparta Greece: Archaeological Museum and the Mystras

Other Greece attractions that are truly worth seeing in Sparta include the Archaeological Museum and the Mystras. The museum is home to a very wide variety of artifacts that show Greek history as well as its religious beliefs and customs. Everything from ancient inscriptions to paintings and photographs can be found at the Archaeological Museum. It also offers guests the chance to see some genuine Roman mosaics and statues while appreciating a beautiful rose garden. 

The Mystras is also known as the "wonder of Morea" due to its beauty and history. This famous fortified town is a medieval ruin in the middle of a breath-taking landscape in the Morea region. It draws many an awestruck tourist to Sparta and Greece. 

So, when looking for the best Greece attractions in Sparta, be sure to keep these very interesting places in mind. 

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