Short Wedding Dresses

Are Short and Sexy Wedding Dresses Right For You?

Short Wedding Dresses are becoming more and more popular according to brides today. Have you considered wearing short and sexy wedding dresses? Whereas it certainly is true that the vast majority of people get married in a traditional floor length wedding gown, short wedding dresses are gaining popularity rather quickly. These dresses are also considered to be romantic wedding gowns. 

So you are looking for romamtic wedding dresses which are also short and stylish. There was a time when you almost never saw a bride sporting a dress with a hemline that did not touch the floor. Long wedding dresses are timeless, traditional and frankly they are expected. You friends and family, especially the older ones, are expecting to see you in a long, flowing white gown on your wedding day. The only question is if you are choosing your dress based on other people’s expectations or what you want to wear. 

If you truly want to wear the traditional gown, that is perfectly fine. Most people do, after all it is what we dream about when we are children, walking down the aisle in a long white romantic wedding dress. However, if the long gown is not for you, read on! There are some notable reasons that brides today are choosing to wear short wedding dresses. 

Short Wedding Dresses - Comfort

The short dress is usually far more comfortable to move in than the more traditional gown. Besides the comfort involved, the fear of tripping over the dress is removed. Short wedding gowns are easier to walk in, dress in and do just about anything in. 

Short Wedding Dresses - Style

Going short actually opens up the amount of style and flair you can portray with your wedding dress. Yes, there are a number of different styles of long wedding gowns and variations within each style; this is also true with short wedding dresses. Want to know the difference? Your guests haven’t seen all the styles of the short wedding gowns, as most brides are bold enough to wear one of these romantic wedding dresses. Short wedding dresses can cover all types of styles from retro 1950’s short dresses to a nice slip dress and everything in-between. The dress can be as down to earth or as glamorous as you can imagine. 

Short Wedding Dresses - Uniqueness

Short dresses may be gaining in popularity, but they are still pretty unique. Even if your guests go to 10 weddings this season, they are sure to remember you and your wedding if for no other reason than your dress. Most brides choose to go with tradition, often times ignoring what they actually want to wear. A wedding gown is still a piece of clothing, albeit mostly it is a very expensive piece of clothing, it is still clothes. Clothes show off our style, who we are, what we like and they make a statement. The more original your wedding in the easier people will remember it. So if you want to be remembered and are at least considering the short wedding dress, this is one of the reasons you may lean towards one. 

Short Wedding Dresses - Types of Weddings

Long gone are the days when the only weddings people had were highly formal affairs for hundreds of people. If your wedding is super formal and elegant you may want to skip going short as it may not fit in. However many weddings these days are more casual. Even if it is not casual but not in a typical location you still want to consider going a little shorter. For instance, short wedding dresses fit in wonderfully at beach weddings, outdoor weddings and destination weddings. This is not to say that these are the only type of weddings that a short wedding dress would be worn well, but they look especially right at these types of events. Worried that the dress will not fit into the look you are trying to create? Short wedding dresses come in a wide range of styles including ultra romantic wedding dresses. Just because the hemline is shorter, that does not mean it is any less fabulous. 

Lastly, the one thing you really need to consider is you and your comfort. Try on short and long dresses and see what fits right, what feels natural to you. If you are leaning towards a non-traditional gown you may want to talk it over with the people whose opinions matter such as older family members like mothers, grandmothers and aunts on both your side and your fiancés side of the family. It is family. It is your wedding so the choice ultimately is yours, but you need to decide whether or not other people’s opinions should impact your wedding dress buying decisions. 

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