Rome Italy Tours

The Attractions in Rome Will Make You Want to Stay Forever

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Your most awaited Italian tour will come to life and watch your dreams unfold in front of you! Rome Italy tours are like bringing back the times of your forefathers, and learn to appreciate the beauty of arts and places. Spending your honeymoon in such a culture and archeology-rich destination like Rome will help your getaway memories more lingering and fascinating. The attractions in Rome are numerous and all as important as the others, so be prepared to be better with scheduling!

Rome Italy Tours

The love of art is love of historic places as well. Visitors of Rome, Italy are truly amazed with the magical built of Colosseum, the Roman Empire's popular building also knows as the "Flavian Aphitheater", biggest built of the empire. Today, the building has been ruined because length of time since it was built, but still the view of it is still enchanting, The Colosseum is an elliptical building that used to cater 55,000 people inside. The Colosseum has fallen due to the earthquakes in 1847, and it is wonderful to know that the fallen parts of the Colosseum were use to build other monuments and other structures such as the world famous place, the St. Peter's Basilica.

Looking for more Attractions in Rome? Visit the fountain of hopes and dreams, the Trevi Fountain. This historical fountain is considered to be the best fountain in entire Rome. Its water comes from Aqua Virgo that was built in 19 BC. The theatrical structure was created by Salvi after the death of Pope Urban VIII. The historic structure of Neptune, a Mythological god of sea being pulled by two horses that shows two distinct qualities of the sea, one calm and steady, while the other is restless and wild. Many believe that by tossing a coin to the water which represents the sea, it is a promise of the sea to bring you back to Rome. How magical!

One of the great Roman Empire structure ever built is the Pantheon. It used to be the world's biggest dome until the built of Florence Cathedral. The building is still preserved especially the interior. Another unforgettable place in Rome is St. Peter's Basilica, which still the holder of world's biggest church.

Rome really is the destination to celebrate Christianity as well. Rome Italy tours will help you see what life before our forefathers was, and how several of them are still standing that you can get a chance to actually see them, hold onto them. The attractions in Rome truly touched hearts of millions of Christians around the world. Beginning your life together spent in Rome makes your faith stronger, your love richer and your appreciation of life today better than ever.

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