Pave Diamond Engagement Rings

Pave diamond engagement rings are a sight to behold. This type of diamond wedding ring is very popular today, especially because it looks like the whole ring is made out of diamonds. It is really the best of both worlds, smaller diamonds for those brides to be who like quantity and one large solitaire for those who want a solitaire or main attraction.

Pave Diamond Engagement Rings - What are they?

You may have heard of pave diamond engagement rings, but you still may be unsure exactly what it is. What makes a diamond ring get the Pave name? A pave (pronounced pah-vay) is a diamond ring where the ring is actually paved with diamonds, albeit small diamonds. There are multiple small stones encrusted upon the rings surface area, and this gives people viewing the ring the illusion that the entire ring is made out of one diamond. 

Even though there are prongs to hold the diamonds in place, they are very small and unnoticeable. This helps carry the illusion that your beautiful ring is literally paved with diamonds. Pave diamond engagement rings also have a larger solitaire diamond. 

Pave Diamond Engagement Rings - What is The Cost

Pave diamond engagement rings have a price range that varies greatly depending on the size of the solitaire and the quality of the diamonds used. The quality will greater change the cost, as it will with any diamond ring. Even though pave diamond engagement rings are absolutely stunning, the majority of the ring is covered with small diamonds, and small diamonds are much cheaper than large ones. So the bigger and better quality the solitaire on this ring, the more you will pay. 

Pave Diamond Engagement Rings - Why Would You Choose This Style

Picking whatever style of engagement ring can depend on several different things. Some women choose to wear their engagement ring and wedding band together, where as other do not. If the ring will be worn forever (because that is how long we plan on staying married, right) than we want something not only beautiful, but timeless. 

So when shopping you want to be sure this is the style that best fits your fiancé (or yourself if you are shopping for yourself) - it will be worn or admired for a long time to come! 

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