Non Traditional Engagement Rings

Nowadays, more and more women are interested in non traditional engagement rings and not just confine themselves to a traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring. They are more daring to try the new trends in bridal jewelry. And many brides want to incorporate their style and personality to the ring that they will wear and cherish forever. 

There are many reasons why many bride to be are opting for unique and modern engagement rings. Some want to do things differently from what is traditional, and in that way they can show their own personality and individuality. And for those who want their birthstone as the center stone of their non traditional engagement ring, maybe it symbolizes something that is meaningful for them.

If you crave for diamonds but undecided because you want a colorful engagement ring, diamonds in various colors such as yellow, blue, pink, and green are also available. Unlike clear diamonds, colored diamonds are very rare and expensive. 

birthstone engagement ring is one of the nontraditional engagement rings in the market today. They come in different gemstones, settings, and metals. And if you're a bride to be who value your gemstone for personal reasons, this ring is the right one for you. For additional glam, you can embellish the band with small diamonds to highlight the center stone, your birthstone

When choosing your birthstone for your engagement ring, you should also take into consideration the durability of the stone; you'll be wearing it everyday for the rest of your life so it have to be strong enough to be an heirloom to your family. 

An antique engagement ring is also a non traditional engagement ring. With antique, you'll be quite sure that it is unique as well as elegant; the setting are handcrafted carefully to have elaborate details such as intricate patterns and filigrees. The styles come from different era such as Art Nouveau, Edwardian, and Art Deco. With so many choices to choose from, you'll certainly pick a non traditional engagement ring that you'll treasure forever. 

Another nontraditional engagement ring is made from man-made gems such as cubic zirconia and moissanite. These gemstones are similar to diamonds in appearance and widely used as an alternative to diamond. They almost give the same brilliance like the diamond, but a little less durable. Economically speaking, they are affordable and much less expensive than traditional diamonds. 

It is not really important whether you have a traditional diamond engagement ring or non traditional engagement ring on your finger. The most important of all is what the ring symbolizes. 

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