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Non Diamond Engagement Rings

Are you shopping for non diamond engagement rings? Though famous, a diamond engagement ring is not for everyone because it is really expensive, but if you want to give your loved one an engagement ring, non diamond engagement ring is what you're looking for. It is not as expensive as diamonds but the beauty and elegance are almost equal.

Non diamond engagement rings can be classified into three categories: fake diamond engagement ring, an engagement ring with a semi-precious stone, and worked rings. Fake diamonds are stones made up of chemicals that are very similar to diamonds in terms of appearance. There are two fake diamonds available in the market today: cubic zirconia and moissanite.

Cubic zirconia or zirconiumoxide is one of the first fake diamond used in non diamond engagement rings.It was discovered in 1932 and used in engagement rings in 1976. Though it appears like a true diamond it cannot reflect and refract light just like a diamond.

On the other hand, moissanite or silicon carbide are often use than cubic zirconia; even though it is more expensive, it is more brilliant than cubic zirconia. But with regards to clarity, moissanite doesn't have the natural clearness of a true diamond. These fake diamonds are very popular these days due to its affordability, and if you're not an expert with diamonds, you won't even notice that it's fake.

Semi precious stones or gemstones are also popular in crafting non diamond engagement rings. There are a lot of gemstones in different colors that you can choose from. And it is relatively much cheaper than diamonds but each type of stone offers uniqueness and classiness. Trendy choices are emerald, sapphire, jade, opal, ruby, garnet, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, tanzanite, and pearl.

Not only the price of the engagement ring is being considered as to why there are couples who prefer semi-precious stones rather than diamonds. Semi-precious stones have different meanings; rubies encourage love and open up the heart, sapphire offers mental clearness, tanzanite uplift the heart, and so on. Others choose their birthstone as their non diamond engagement ring while others have their own personal reason. Just like diamonds, you must be careful in purchasing one. You must always remember to check the cut, clarity, color and carat of the stone.

Worked rings like Celtic pattern engagement rings and braided engagement rings are example of non diamond engagement rings. With all the loops, twirls, lines, and crosses lies great symbolism for the couples.

Choosing a non diamond engagement ring doesn't mean that you're just having the second best because it is much cheaper than a diamond engagement ring. Each type of ring has its own meaning and symbolism to each and every couple. So don't limit yourself to a clear stone, you have so many beautiful and elegant choices to choose from that your bride to be will surely love.

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