Micro Pave Engagement Rings

Are you looking for micro pave engagement rings? When couples decided to get married, the man usually proposes to his soon to be bride. As a tradition, the man usually has to make a proposal and present an engagement ring as symbol of their promises. Engagement rings are constant reminders of their love and devotion to each other. Diamonds are almost always the gem used because it symbolizes eternity. Many would like to create a band of diamond to express their deepest love but because of the characteristics of diamonds, and then the micro pave engagement rings came into picture

Choosing micro pave engagement rings starts by choosing a good design. Its cost depends on the materials used. Cost of such engagement rings may be an advantage because you can dictate what you want ad will surely fit in the budget. The main stone is important. You can choose a solitary stone as a center piece or create a series of diamond patters through micro stones. 

Metal bands are also important because it holds the gem stones in place. Smaller stones are difficult to embed in metal band making it susceptible in losing those precious stones. Gold are often used but white gold and silver can also be used. More and more couples are discovering platinum and its durability makes it more popular nowadays. 

Basic micro pave diamond rings have metal bands that hold the diamonds in place. The stones are sometimes accentuated in the bands. Micro pave engagement rings have several advantages. Diamond chips use are small that the couple will be sure that it has good quality. Tiny stones can be set into different patterns that eliminate the visibility of the metal band. Less metal, the more stones can fit in the band. Larger stones may require solitary designs or simple designs. If you want to have a unique design then micro pave engagement rings can give you thousands of different design with the different materials to choose from and most likely, you can walk and show off your engagement ring without fear of having exactly the same with your engagement ring. 

Unlike larger stones, micro pave engagement rings are susceptible to lose stones. Smaller stones are harder to securely fix in metal bands. The glittering sparkles of mini diamonds in the metal bands can sometimes overpower the main stone. Remember that quality micro pave engagement rings have balance design, make sure that the ring is designed symmetrically. 

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