Lilac Wedding Flowers

Using lilac wedding flowers is a growing trend in spring and summer weddings. Lilacs typically bloom in the early spring around Easter time making them popular for springtime weddings. They also represent love, what better flower can you choose for your wedding?


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So what lilac wedding flowers are you looking for? You can use them in bouquets and corsages, as centerpieces, general wedding decorations or even as cake toppers. You can choose to use them alone or paired with other seasonal or all year round flowers, the choose is really up to you.

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If you are looking for lilac wedding decorations and ideas check out the photos on this page. Sometimes it really is the pictures that help you decide on what you do or do not want at your own wedding!

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Do you like what you see? Like we said, lilacs are in bloom in the late spring to early summer so if you are interested in using them outside this time frame you should talk to your wedding florist to determine what you can do. It is possible to have the flowers grown in a greenhouse or have them shipped in if you are really set on lilacs, however, this will be at an extra cost to you.

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So what flowers are in bloom around the same time as lilacs? This is an important question to answer if you are looking for other flowers to pair with the lilacs in bouquets and centerpieces. Here are some suggestions along with photos:

Cherry Blossoms

Any of the above flowers would be great paired with the lilacs. The combinations for bouquets, centerpieces and decorations are practically endless.

Other Samples of Lilac Wedding Flowers

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