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Informal Wedding Invitations are popular today. Just like there is a wide variety of different types of weddings, there is a wide variety of wedding stationery, including fun wedding invitations. Not all invitations are white in color and ultra-formal. Some are fun, colorful, and include whimsical designs and photos.


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So what kind of wedding invitations or fun wedding invitations are you looking for? Are you looking for bright, vivid colors, stylish and chic designs, or photo wedding invitations? Below are a few of our favorite examples.

As far as informal and fun wedding invitations go, this is a nice contemporary one. If you are shopping for fun wedding invitations, this should be on your list. The colors and design are nice and it is a simple seal and send wedding invitation style.

When you are shopping for casual wedding invitations and fun wedding invitations, finding whimsical themes and designs should top your lists of wants. What is more whimsical and fun than this bride and groom? This invitation is fun and interesting. Personally, I love it. I know this is not the wedding invitation for everyone, but as far as fun wedding invitations go, I think it is great!

The above example is a good one for winter weddings. Silver wedding invitations are popular, it is a nice wedding color, and adding some whimsical snowflakes makes it even more pretty.

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Purple Trail
Picky Bride

Being informal does not mean it is not a nice invitation, it just means that you are not looking for formal or traditional. If that is not your everyday style, why should your stationery reflect something you are not?

If you are just looking for simple informal and casual wedding invitations instead of fun wedding invitations, what about this one? It is simple and direct, to the point. You are inviting your guests to share the day with you, but you do not need to add all the extra frills on the stationery to make them happy. Why? Because you are already happy - happily engaged that is. Send this simple invitation today!

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