Fall Wedding Bouquets

Fall flowers have a very rich color that's why they are perfect for fall wedding bouquets. These colors include different shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown. Aside from flowers, you can also use some berries, grasses and barks of trees to highlight your fall wedding bouquets.

There are so many flowers that are in bloom during this time of the year, though many believed the opposite. A mum is one of the famous flowers in this season; it comes from different shades of white, yellow, red, orange, and purple. You can have it in multi-color bouquet or a single color bouquet; these flowers are usually in small form and it's perfectly suitable for small cluster of fall wedding bouquet.

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Another well-known flower used in fall wedding bouquets is roses. This flower is available all time of the year and comes in so many colors that's the reason why it is the favorite flower use in weddings. They are available in shades of red, yellow, pink, orange, and white; perfect for a single-color bouquet.

Sunflowers are also available during the fall season. This flower symbolizes loyalty and longevity, perfect for weddings. If you're on a budget these flowers are for you. Though inexpensive, a bunch of these flowers will surely make a bright and lively fall wedding bouquet. You can mix it with other flowers to make colorful bridal bouquet just make sure that these flowers blended well in your floral decorations. You can also mix several different flowers like calla lilies, gerbera daisy, marigold and dahlia. These flowers have different bright colors and you can make use of them to have a unique fall wedding bouquet. For a fresh looking bouquet, you can try a mixture of orange and white dahlias added with green grasses.

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If you're into bold colors, you can use several different flowers in different colors. For example, mix any bright color of roses to orchids and calla lilies then embellish it with a velvet ribbon that is in contrast with the colors of the flowers; though contrasting in colors, it will be elegantly striking.

Even when you choose a light color bouquet, you can still add several elements to make a fall appearance. Add some berries like hypericum and viburnum, grasses, or even leaves of maple and oak trees. You can also use ribbons in shades of orange, dark red, or brown to add a texture to your fall wedding bouquets.

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There are several flower arrangements that you can use to enhance the beauty of the flowers that you will be using to make your fall wedding bouquets. You can seek the guidance of a professional florist, or if you're on your own, you can browse the internet to look for a style that will suit your built and the overall wedding decorations.

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