Designer Platinum Engagement Ring

If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, why not try a designer platinum engagement ring? With the help of a jewelry designer, you can obtain the design that you have in mind. With platinum as your metal, you can choose any style, setting and stone that you want. 

Platinum is particularly dense and naturally white. It is 90-95% pure, and because of its purity, platinum eliminates the risk of allergies or rashes. Platinum is one of the rarest metals and it makes up only a fraction of all materials found on the earth's surface. This is also the reason why it is much more expensive than yellow gold or white gold. 

We know that choosing the right engagement ring is very difficult. But with designer platinum engagement ring, you can never get wrong. Because of the durability of platinum, it can last over a lifetime. It can be an heirloom to your family. It adds more brilliance and protection to whatever stone or semi-precious stones that you are going to use. And because of the durability of this metal, it is perfect for your engagement ring which symbolizes lasting love

There are a lot of well-known jewelry designers that you can talk to regarding your query. It doesn't mean that you have to pay more to have your designer platinum engagement ring to be made. You can ask a famous jewelry designer in your locality, he or she can recommend you what is the best for your budget. 

If your budget is big enough to hire a celebrity jewelry designer, you can go for it. You can contact them through the internet or you can ask the people around you if they knew anyone. Surely, your ideal engagement ring will come true. 

Buying a designer platinum engagement ring has many advantages. You can control the cost of the ring together with the jewelry designer's fee. Having platinum as your base metal, you can still choose whatever design you have in mind and the stone that you want within your budget range. 

There are many varieties of precious stones that you can have on your designer platinum engagement ring. Most couples choose diamonds because it is traditional but there are some who prefer colored semi-precious stones as well. Any gemstone cut or color will bind well with platinum because this metal has luminescence that suits any kind of design or setting. 

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