Cheap White Gold Engagement Rings

Cheap white gold engagement rings don't have to look cheap because white gold looks like platinum; they only differ in their composition and durability. When you look at them with the naked eye, platinum is just a bit shinier than white gold. So if you're on a strict budget but don't to compromise, cheap white gold engagement rings is the right choice for you.

A white gold can be created by having gold alloy and adding white metal. The white metal or whitener that can be used on this purpose is typically palladium, silver or nickel. Indium, zinc, chromium, tin, cobalt, and platinum are also used as whiteners often times. 

Most jewelers use nickel because of its strength, they use it in creating rings and pins of white gold. But the problem in using this metal is that it causes allergic reaction (dermatitis) when worn on the finger. 

White gold-palladium alloy is the one mostly used in engagement rings because it is softer and more malleable; it also offers the highest quality of this kind of gold. Another reason is that white gold makes a diamond look like it has reduced amount of color, yellow gold tend to create a yellow tint on a diamond. 

Jewelers usually add a thin layer of rhodium to the engagement ring to add luster, and it may also need recoating because the glaze wears of and the ring loses its shine in 

You can have any setting and style that a yellow gold ring has on cheap white gold engagement rings. There are several types of cheap white gold engagement rings that you can choose from. The style and the gemstone to be used can greatly affect its appearance.

Generally, the most commonly used stone in engagement ring is diamond. It is a lot more expensive than any other stones. White gold, apart from platinum, can bring out the shine and brilliance of most semi-precious stone. At a low cost, even an emerald or a sapphire white gold engagement ring will definitely look elegant. 

You can choose any semi-precious stone that you want and your cheap white gold engagement ring will still look fabulous. Or you can consider adding gemstones to accentuate the center diamond on your engagement ring. 

Be it cheap white gold engagement rings or a platinum engagement ring; it's not really that important. All that matters is the love shared between two forthcoming wedded couples.

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