Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

There are several cheap wedding reception ideas that you can think of; from your wedding cake, decorations, food, flowers, and even the location of your reception. Cheap doesn't mean that your wedding wouldn't be glamorous and memorable; you'll just have to be creative and innovative to make your wedding day the way that you want. 

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas- Location/Setting

In choosing the location for your wedding day, you have to consider several factors; like the weather, the number of your guests, the theme of your wedding, and of course the cost. You don't have to rent the biggest reception hall in your town to have a nice location. If you're planning to have an outdoor wedding, you can consider your backyard or a local park and even your neighbor's backyard will do if you don't have a large enough one yourself. 

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You can also consider renting a public house that has a pretty garden, or a relaxing setting that is suitable for an informal and exclusive weddings. Village halls can also be a good idea; you can use the patio as the reception area. You can also rent their catering services if you want and save a lot because you can use other amenities as well. 

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas- Flowers

The idea of using silk flowers instead of a real one is a good thought. Silk flowers are even better in some ways; you can have any flower you want all year round and design or arrange them however you like. You will even save more money because you won't have to hire a florist. All you need to do is research seriously when buying silk flowers. Get the best price and pick the ones that resemble real flowers most. If you arrange the silk flowers in a good way, nobody will notice that they aren't real. 

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You can also buy flowers in bulk so the cost will not be that much. Better yet buy flowers that are in season. 

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas- Food and Drinks

To save money, you should first think about cutting back in food expenses, for this is the most expensive part of a wedding reception. You can skip a course in a seated meal. Instead of offering soup and salad, just serve only one of the two. A buffet is a good idea, too, for it is significantly a cost saver. Instead of thinking about a few more desserts, just offer the guests only your wedding cake. You will save a considerable amount of money by cutting out some unnecessary extra food. 

If you're going to serve alcohol, consider serving low grades alcohol than expensive one. You can also offer you guests some beer and wine instead of cocktails. 

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas- Wedding Cake

If you have a friend who is a good baker then try to ask him or her to bake your wedding cake; it is a brilliant way to save money in a wedding budget. If you don't have a friend who can bake, then you can consider ordering a not so big wedding cake for the traditional cutting. 

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You can just serve your guests some simple sheet cakes baked by you or a loved one, or even supplied by the same baker who made your wedding cake. You can try out of the ordinary ideas like cupcake towers. You don't need a very grand cake to enjoy the wedding; a smaller one will be just as good. 

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas- Decorations

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas can be found anywhere, including in your choice of decorations. Your wedding decorations need not to be expensive to look magnificent. You can try DIY decorations like candle or flower centerpieces; you can do it all by yourself or have some help from your friends. You can save a lot from doing this instead of buying ready made centerpieces. These cheap wedding reception ideas are very important if you are on a budget. Just always keep in mind that a unique and glamorous wedding doesn't have to be pricey, you just have to make it special. 

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