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Celtic Wedding Ceremony

Celtic Wedding ceremony is known for extended celebrations. In fact, Celts are popular for celebrating weddings for a number of days. They love to feast. Wedding festivities are centered on eating, dancing, and drinking. It is interesting to learn more about Celtic Weddings.

There are traditions during a Celtic Wedding Ceremony. A lot of details come into mind when the Celts plan their wedding.


Music plays a significant role. The bagpipe is one of the most used instruments. To ensure that the wedding is festive, the wedding procession, music during communion, and recessional is often conducted by a piper. A Ceileigh band or musicians are part and parcel of wedding receptions at this day and age.

Wedding Attire

Celts follow a tradition with respect to wedding attires. Wedding dresses are popular and rich in color, fabric, trimming, and embellishments. These may be informal, formal, one-piece in style or a simple dress overhung by silk linen. For the soon-to-be bride, the gown is full in design with unique boutique works.

The groom may dress formally with tunic pants, shirt with full designed sleeves, and a bold collared neck. To further adorn the attire, a velvet coat, waist coat or jacket with a silken neck tie and broad leather belt may be worn. Should the groom want to sport a traditional Celtic outfit, he may opt to wear a bright colored silk or velvet long cloak, long sleeves, kilts, tartan, and sporran with vivid designs.


Celts also consider the destination for their wedding whether it be a traditional church wedding or an outdoor wedding.

Clergymen or Preacher

It is essential that clergy in charge of the ceremony is familiar with the traditions of the Celts.

Parts of the Wedding Ceremony
  1. Casting and consecration of the circle
  2. Presentation of the Bride and Groom
  3. Statement of the Bard concerning marriage
  4. Declarations of the Bride and Groom
  5. Exchange of rings
  6. Binding of hands
  7. Passing of light
  8. Thanksgiving and Oath
  9. Blessing and opening of the circle


For good luck, carrying of a horseshoe is associated with a Celtic Wedding.

Grushie Custom

The custom of tossing a handful of coins at the guests by the groom is part of a Celtic Wedding Ceremony.

Barefoot brides and grooms

This symbolizes their union and communion with the earth.

A Celtic Wedding Ceremony has fun, interesting, and enjoyable traditions worth remembering by the couple and their guests.

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