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Calla Lily Wedding Theme Ideas

Are you shopping for calla lily wedding invitations? Or do you need calla lily wedding theme ideas? Choosing a wedding theme is becoming more popular. Brides usually either choose a wedding color to design a wedding around or a theme that they showcase throughout the day. When the theme is a physical item, such as calla lilies, it is pretty easy to match several items at the wedding to your theme.


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So when looking for calla lily wedding theme ideas where do you start? I would start by finding nice calla lily wedding invitations to send to your guests. Calla lilies are beautiful and are often used in weddings. The calla lily has several symbolic meanings including representing marriage, purity, and rebirth. White is the most popular color of this flower and combined with the beauty of the flower itself as well as its significant meanings they are the perfect wedding flower.

Are you looking for a more traditional wedding invitation? If you are looking for classic and traditional, the invitation below might be what would fit your wedding style the most. It is a white invitation with calla lilies and silver interlocking hearts. The coloring of the invitation along with the script like font makes this fall more into a traditional wedding.

Are you looking for a little more color and a touch of modern appeal to your wedding invitations? What about these purple calla lily wedding invitations? They are still romantic and pretty, but the purple adds just the right amount of color. They also look sophisticated as the lilies look like a watercolor painting.

Are you looking for something cute and modern and maybe just a little bit of fun as well? How about choosing this adorable calla lily and mason jar chalkboard wedding invitation? No one will accuse you of going too traditional on this stationery choice, but it is fun and memorable, and sometimes that matters a lot more!

Still not sure what wedding invitations you like the best? Well, you should always try to shop around and get as many ideas and suggestions before making the final decision (unless you really fall in love with something and cannot imagine finding something better) - so here is another great invitation to check out.

Wedding Invitation Shopping:

Purple Trail
Picky Bride

These wonderful invitations are available in multiple choices of sizes and shapes including the one seen below or shapes like tag, ticket, or rounded.

Going From Calla Lily Wedding Invitations to a Complete Calla Lily Wedding Theme

If you are shopping for calla lily wedding invitations you probably like these flowers enough to incorporate them in other places in your wedding, possibly even having a whole theme based around this beautiful flower.

One of the most common ways to add this wedding flower to your wedding is through wedding centerpieces. You can add calla lilies in different colors or in the color of your wedding or even just white ones to the wedding centerpieces and design the decorations around them.

You could choose to have a simple vase with the flowers in them or you could make more elaborate displays and centerpieces to include candles, mirrors, and other accent pieces. 

calla lily wedding centerpiece, pink wedding centerpieces, pink calla lily wedding centerpiecesPink Calla Lily Wedding Centerpiece with Candles

Another great way to add the calla lily to your wedding is with a beautiful calla lily wedding bouquet. You can choose this for only the bride or the whole wedding party. 

If you do choose calla lilies for wedding bouquets and centerpieces it is best to remember that they are in season in the summer and if your wedding is not in the summer you may have to pay extra to use this type of flowers. This might not make a difference to you, but it is certainly something to consider.

calla lily bridal bouquets, calla lily wedding bouquetsBeautiful Pink Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet

If you really love the calla lily theme you might even consider asking your bakery if they can either add real calla lilies to the wedding cake or if they can make some with frosting. Have calla lilies on the cake will really complete the wedding theme - this is a classic wedding picture all photographers take. The wedding cake can say a lot about the wedding's color and theme!

As you can see in the photo below you do not need to go over the top with the theme if you do not want and you can still have a heavy focus on whatever your personal wedding colors are!

calla lily wedding cake, white gold and black wedding cake, wedding cake with flowersWhite, Gold and Black Wedding Cake Topped With Calla Lilies

Autumn Cake With Calla Lilies  by  Mark Murnahan

Have you considered using the ring bearer pillow to push your wedding theme a little further? This calla lily decorated ring bearer pillow is adorable and wouldn't the little guy look so cute walking down the aisle with it?

Well if we are going to shop for a calla lily ring bearer pillow it only makes sense to get a calla lily flower girl basket as well! 

Other Calla Lily Invitations We Love

Other Calla Lily Wedding Theme Ideas

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