Bridal Shower Menu

Are you looking for bridal shower menu ideas? What is a celebration without food? As gal pals and loved ones shower a soon to be bride with gifts, the perfect menu should be selected in accordance with the budget, theme, bride's food preference, location, and availability of guests. The hostess, usually the matron of honor, may opt to serve brunch, lunch, or dinner to fine tea or simply desserts during a bridal shower.

One should remember that there should be sufficient food and drinks in a menu for all the guests. It is better to have some left over food than to underestimate the portion sizes and have hungry guests. That would not be a note worthy experience for both the bride and the guests.

Also take into consideration the guests to be invited for the bridal shower menu preparation. If there are guests with vegetarian requirements, serve dishes that suit their palate. Should there be alcohol, offer non-alcoholic alternatives as well for those who abstain from said beverages.

Thinking of themes that may cater to the bride's bridal shower? Here are but some themes that may be used to make the event and the bridal shower menu memorable:

Time Zone Theme

Dishes from varying countries from different time zones may be served to complement the theme. Options may be delicacies from Asia, USA, Australia, Europe, and Africa in preparation of your menu.

Couple's Favorite Meals Theme

Prepare the favorite dishes of the couple as the menu. This may be potluck in honor of the soon to be wed couple.

Luau Theme

Fruits are a must to spruce the occasion. Food may be served in coconut shells or may be eaten from banana leaves for an all out experience.

Bride's Favorite Movie

It's her day! What better way than to celebrate it with her favorite movie in mind? Why not create a theme based on her favorite movie that she watched time and again? Meals served should be as seen in the movie.

As part of the menu, present a special cake to the would-be bride. This may be done after the end of the meal. Or you may also serve the cake with coffee, tea, or other desserts, and soft drinks, after the showering and opening of gifts.

After preparing the perfect bridal shower menu and arrangements, at the end of the day, everyone must enjoy and cherish the once in a lifetime experience.

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