Writing Wedding Announcements

Writing wedding announcements is as important as creating your save the date and wedding invitations. Writing these announcements is either done the day before the wedding, or immediately following it. This is your way of letting other people (those that are not on your wedding list) known that the two of you are happily married. Of course you can send these announcements to anyone who attended as well - as they make a nice keepsake. Or you can subscribe to one of the many wedding announcement websites, and send the link to everyone!


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When writing wedding announcements, it is a must to include the full names of the bride and groom and their respective families, especially their parents, the time and location of the wedding, the one who will officiate the ceremony, names of those who will take part in the ceremony (bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honor, best man, ring bearer, flower girls), name/s of the musician/s who played at the wedding reception, and description of the wedding location/theme.

You can adorn your wedding announcements by writing some unique aspects of the wedding. If you are wearing a sexy camo wedding dress for your camo wedding theme, you can add that one. If you married at the beach you can add seashells or sandcastles. You could choose a wedding announcement color that matches your wedding color scheme. You can also include your honeymoon destination, unique things that happened during the ceremony and even the titles of the music played.

These announcements need not to be highly structured. You can have it simple but unique to attract attention. You can publish it in a newspaper or a wedding magazine; you can also write it in cards and send it just like your wedding invitation. The announcement should be relevant to the wedding theme in style; this will help people to know if you're having a casual beach event or a black tie wedding.

In writing wedding announcements, there are several great ideas you may want to try. These are very unique and you can add some personal touch. Aside from the local newspaper, wedding magazine and small cards, you can also send your wedding announcements in a very artistic way.

You must be certain on the quantity of announcements that you will need. If your wedding is just a small ceremony, then you can consider making handmade announcements, doing this adds a sentimental touch to the wedding announcement.

Computer generated wedding announcement is the latest and easiest way there is right now. There are several websites that will help you through the process in creating and generating your announcements online. You can choose from different fonts and designs depending on what output you have in mind. You can also add a picture of the two of you or a whole collage if you want; this creates a more homely feel to the wedding announcements.

Calligraphy and pressed flowers decorating a handmade wedding announcement makes it more romantic. But you should consider just buying pre printed announcements if you're going to need a large quantity (the reason is because it will be very labor intensive). After the announcement is done, you can obtain the materials like glue and pressed flowers from your favorite craft stores. Decorate your announcement by attaching the flowers to the card. You can also put pearls and other colorful items for a dreamy and soothing look.

If you're planning a beach wedding, try putting sandy glitter and seashells on your card where you're writing wedding announcements. You'll need to have a spray adhesive for this, though. Be careful when you are sprinkling the glitter; avoid covering your announcement too heavily. As for the seashell, you can attach it by using craft glue.

Writing wedding announcements should be highly prioritized when you're having a limited number of guests in your wedding day, or if you are having a destination wedding. All of those that are not in the list should feel that they are included in your wedding ceremony through your wedding announcements even if they are not invited.

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