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Wedge bridal shoes offer additional balance unlike stilettos with the same heel height. It provides more contact with the floor than stilettos so balancing is a lot easier with wedge bridal shoes. These shoes are perfect for walking and dancing all throughout your wedding day.

Aside from the stability your wedge bridal shoes provide, one of the advantages of this type is that it has so many styles to choose from with several different colors that will truly match any shade of wedding dress. It is also available in various heels height so you can select the height that you are most comfortable with.

Wedge bridal shoes style is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Even if you're walking down on a loose soil or grassy grounds, it won't easily sink to the ground. Because of the broad-based heels of wedge bridal shoes, it is also recommended for pregnant brides and bridesmaids to wear.

For a formal wedding, trendy wedge bridal shoes with dazzling crystals and rhinestones would be a perfect choice. You can also try strappy wedge sandals with jewels for an elegant look; Delicate straps add sophistication and glam to any wedge sandals. If you're having an informal wedding, a wedge heel and a woven t-strap will complete your ensemble, perfect for your summer wedding dress. Thong sandals with rhinestones and beads will definitely fit a beach wedding gown.

The most famous colors for wedge bridal shoes are ivory and white. These colors have different shades so you have to be careful in choosing the right hue to complement and match your wedding gown. And if you're looking for a wedge bridal shoe that has a different color other than white and ivory, try looking at other shoe stores; Your bridal store might not have the color you're looking for. Also, shop during summer season if you are having your wedding in winter; summer offers several varieties of wedge heel shoes so you will have a lot to choose from.

Having comfortable and happy feet on your wedding day is a necessity. An aching foot will most likely make you feel uncomfortable and miserable. It is your wedding day and you should be happy so smile and wear your wedge bridal shoes to enjoy your big day and make the most of it.

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