Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

When considering wedding table centerpiece ideas , two points are critical from outset: Before anything else it is important to know the requirements and limitations of the reception venue. Second, always consider the safety and well-being of guests, particularly with respect to common allergies, but also with an eye toward fire or other safety hazards.


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When coming up with wedding table centerpiece ideas you need to keep your guests in mind. Many people are allergic to those flowers that have strong odors such as star lilies , paper whites or hyacinths, and some people have strong reactions to spores that may come in with such live cuttings as evergreen or fruit tree blossom.

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Need more wedding table centerpiece ideas? Small votive or other low to the table candles should only be used in well protected ways or the passing gown sleeve or bread basket liner is apt to catch fire. Be sure any candles chosen are scentless, drip free and well anchored in place. Traditional floral centerpieces are very elegant, and the florist for the wedding can offer advice and designs that coordinate with the rest of the wedding flowers. Some of these wedding table centerpiece ideas may include candles or other accent items coordinated with the colors and themes of the occasion.

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Simplicity can be very elegant: float a single large blossom in a glass or crystal bowl with colored glass bits or marbles at the bottom, for instance, or choose a glass vase with stalks of lucky bamboo or a single specimen flower. Always remember that using a mirror beneath a centerpiece will give it additional sparkle and nearly double its effect. Innumerable items can be set upon it, so let's move beyond the customary floral centerpieces to other categories.

First, there are many possibilities for wedding table centerpiece ideas involving potted plants, and these can be given as lasting mementos of the wedding. A dish garden can be a beautiful and unusual choice. Other house plants, such as a cyclamen, ivy or fern can be lovely. Use color coordinating foil, pick accents and ribbon; consider a seasonal basket. A peace lily can be very striking, and it is meaningful as well.

Need more wedding table centerpiece ideas? Two more living choices for wedding table centerpiece ideas are pet fish, but this requires a little bit of extra knowledge as well as homes for after the wedding. Any glass container at all can become a goldfish bowl, and any glass ornaments can be added, as well as polished river stones and such. They should never be washed with soap, including in the dishwasher – use aquarium salt and water – and multi-colored fish can be chosen from the ten or twenty cent “feeder fish” tank at most any pet shop. A single male Betta (Siamese fighting fish) is another possibility (do not use more than one, they cannot live together!)

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Aside from living things, there is any number of things to use. Want more wedding table centerpiece ideas? Use the mirror as a rink with a skating theme; set a bowl of shining Christmas tree ornaments in the center, make a fruit arrangement. Switching to a glass, rimmed platter, use polished stones or sea glass with a group of pillar candles, or set up a miniature beach or golf course. Any grouping of thematic small items can be great fun – examples include toy jungle animals, ceramic ducks, nautical items, or sports figurines. Try wrapping some small boxes in several different wedding papers, add ribbons, and glue them together in a well ordered grouping. Or try real or faux smaller versions of the wedding cake: use stacked and decorated round boxes to make a replica cake.

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There are also several ways to use pictures for the centerpiece. Wires with loops that hold a picture can be fanned into an arrangement anchored in a thematic base. Or use a box shaped cube frame that accommodates pictures on every side – some are open on top and would allow adding a silk floral arrangement, collection of multi-colored pens for signing the guest book or the couple’s matted picture, or other upright decorations. Use a tray, the mirror or platter with sea glass as a place to put pictures in frames of different sizes turned in all different directions.

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